What is the orange chutney with dosa?

What is the orange chutney with dosa?

Tomato chutney is a traditional South Indian condiment made with tomatoes, spices and herbs. It is usually served with South Indian Breakfast dishes like Idli, Dosa, Pongal, Rava idli & many snacks. But don’t limit it to accompany South Indian foods!

What is red chutney made of?

Red chutney for mysore masala dosa made with roasted bengal gram, dry kashmiri red chilies, onions and tamarind.

What is the difference between masala dosa and Mysore masala dosa?

The difference is of the batter. The mysore masala dosa served in Mumbai is crisp and white like the regular Masala dosa. Whereas the ones served in Mysore are crisp from outside and have a soft porous bite as well as texture. They have a nice golden brown color too.

What is tomato chutney used for?

Uses. Tomato chutney can be used to accompany myriad foods and dishes, such as kebabs, sandwiches, burgers and meat dishes.

What is special about Mysore masala dosa?

About Mysore Masala Dosa Recipe | Masala Dosa Recipe: A crispy dosa, quite similar to the regular masala dosa but with a twist of fiery red chutney made with garlic and red chillies that is lathered all over the dosa and is stuffed with some mashed potato filling.

How long does Tomato Chutney last?

Place into sterilised jars and allow to cool before covering. Will keep for 6 weeks.

Why is dosa called dosa?

Here’s how he claimed dosa might have been discovered: “Dosa has an interesting origin. It was called “dosha” meaning “sin”. Deprived of alcohol, some Brahmin temple cooks thought they could get high on fermented rice. “One batch of dosa batter had been fermented too much.

What can I substitute for chutney?

What to use instead of chutney:

  • Mango salsa.
  • OR – Marmalade which is sweeter and less complex.
  • OR – Mostarda di-cremona (an Italian style chutney)
  • OR – For a cheese board use fig jam.