What is the positive impact of social media?

What is the positive impact of social media?

The positive aspects of social media Social media enables you to: Communicate and stay up to date with family and friends around the world. Find new friends and communities; network with other people who share similar interests or ambitions. Join or promote worthwhile causes; raise awareness on important issues.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of coal?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Coal Energy

  • Coal energy is an affordable energy source because of the coal’s stable price compared to other fuel sources.
  • Coal is easy to burn.
  • Coal produces high energy upon combustion.
  • Coal energy is inexpensive.
  • Coal is abundant.
  • Coal energy is a reliable energy source.

How do you express advantages?

Let’s check some useful phrases you can use when you describe advantages:

  1. “The first advantage of “this” is …” “There are many advantages to … and one of them is…” “The positive aspects of …
  2. “The first disadvantage of … is …..” “There are many negative aspects and one of them is…”
  3. “In my opinion,” “From my perspective,”

What are the advantages and disadvantages of friction?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Friction

  • Friction is responsible for many types of motion.
  • It helps us walk on the ground.
  • Brakes in a car make use of friction to stop the car.
  • Asteroids are burnt in the atmosphere before reaching Earth due to friction.
  • It helps in the generation of heat when we rub our hands.

What are the positive effects of social media to students?

  • Provides every student with the possibility of learning online.
  • Makes easy to get instant access to reliable information.
  • Serves as an effective device for academic performance.
  • It helps to improve writing skills.
  • It helps to become an expert in the use of innovative technologies.
  • Enhances creative activities.