What is the rave handshake?

What is the rave handshake?

Yes, rave culture has its own secret handshake, and learning it is kandi-essential! To perform the PLUR handshake, you’ll draw out the symbols of the motto with your fingers to spell out P (peace), L (love), U (unity), and R (respect). For unity, clasp the other person’s hand and interlock fingers with them.

What does PLUR stand for rave?

Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect
If you’ve ever been to a music festival you’ve probably heard the term PLUR. PLUR is an acronym that stands for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. PLUR is a mentality, a behavioral and ethical guide for ravers that grew out of a desire for a safer and more inclusive community.

What does Kandi symbolize?

Each piece of kandi is unique and has a story behind it. They represent PLUR and are a way of meeting new people and spreading a message. Kandi bracelets are a form of self expression that should not be banned from shows.

Why do people wear bracelets at raves?

These bracelets, called kandi, are as synonymous with the festival scene as glasses and masks, and they’re a big deal. Kandi are meant to be exchanged and given away at festivals and raves as an expression of friendship and the rave code of PLUR – peace, love, unity, and respect.

What does the root PLU mean?

(Latin: more, many)

Do people still trade Kandi at raves?

Kandi bracelets are usually made with pony beads and various other beads & charms. Ravers and festival goers make them to give or trade to other ravers they meet and make friends with. Kandi is traded through a special handshake called the PLUR handshake. (PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity & Respect.

What should I know before my first rave?

Raving 101: Longtime Ravers Give First-Timer Tips

  • BUY A FANNYPACK to store everything you need.
  • Make sure that no matter what you do, you always DRESS PROPERLY.
  • Bring a hydration pack, and grab as many water bottles as you can carry.
  • DESIGNATE A MEETUP SPOT before entering the festival.
  • Timing is key.

Who does the Hand Heart in a rave?

The hand heart is popular in the rave scene where tiggerlovesyou.com chronicles young people enthusiastically hand-hearting. Armin van Buuren, the popular Dutch D.J., has been known to do it during his live sets. The singer Keri Hilson. Credit…

How to make a heart-shaped hand gesture?

HAND gestures can be vulgar, but recently a demure, loving one has risen to popularity. To make it, curl the index fingers on both hands with the thumbs pointing down and join them to make a heart shape. Two people can make it together: a human version of those best-friends-forever lockets that break apart to be shared.

What is raving and raving culture?

Raving and rave culture is all about celebrating our love for dance, music, and self-expression! PLUR has become embedded in rave culture and is the foundation of what raving culture is today. Raves have become adopted by the mainstream culture and has evolved into something much greater and inclusive than what it once was.

What is the history of raves?

Raves began to emerge in the 1980’s as secret dance parties that usually happened after-hours in metropolitan cities. During these humble beginnings, the philosophy of PLUR was created, which is still present to this day!