What is the shelf edge?

What is the shelf edge?

Definition of SHELF EDGE LABEL: Labels used in the retail industry to display product, pricing, and promotional information in retail environments or to add stock information to shelving units and racking in storage warehouses.

What is shelf edge retail?

76% of purchasing decision are made at the shelf. The digital shelf edge allows your store and the brands you offer to engage with the customer at the moment of decision. There are several different ways to catch the customers attention. Price is a major driving factor in purchasing decisions.

What is shelf edge display?

Target your messages within inches of the product. Speak to one of our Digital Shelf Edge experts today. It’s widely known that promotional messaging becomes more effective the closer it is to the point of decision.

Why Digital shelf is important?

With smart digital shelf analytics, they can identify the right keywords to use and enrich their copy with key attributes. They can track competitor rankings and optimize their content by including similar keywords to improve visibility and provide the right descriptions to aid conversions.

What are shelf edge labels?

Shelf Edge Labels are used in retail to display product, pricing, and promotional information. These labels are used to display information about products and are usually slotted into a data strip (also known as a ticket rail or strip or a scanner rail or strip) or into a shelf barker (also known as shelf talkers).

How do you win a digital shelf?

Here are eight tips for winning the digital shelf.

  1. Take time to understand your customers better.
  2. Continually optimize your product detail page.
  3. Take advantage of enhanced content.
  4. Answer the questions people ask about your competition.
  5. Tell a story with your assets.
  6. Encourage customers to review and rate your products.

What is shelf edge specialist?

As an H-E-B Shelf Edge Specialist, youll assist the Shelf Edge Manager in efficient department operations, including inventory management, space management, and price image on the shelf edge.

What are the four elements you need to check on a shelf edge label?

A check done by a member of staff on the shelf-edge labels to ensure that the information on the label matches the information on the product. The information checked should be the pre-marked price, Tesco product number/ European Article Number, the product description and the weight or size.

What is shelf label meaning?

An electronic shelf label (ESL) system is used by retailers for displaying product pricing on shelves. The product pricing is automatically updated whenever a price is changed under the control of a central server. Typically, electronic display modules are attached to the front edge of retail shelving.

What is Digital shelf marketing?

The digital shelf is the collection of diverse and rapidly evolving digital touchpoints used by shoppers to engage with brands and discover, research, and purchase products. Consumers today discover, research, and shop products with the aid of digital experiences.

What is digital shelf analysis?

Digital shelf analytics (DSA) is a forward-thinking software solution alternative to the manual compilation of retail data for brands, manufacturers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. This software scours the web to pull performance metrics from a range of digital retailers platforms.

What is digital shelf in ecommerce?

Why shelf edge labeling solutions?

SATO Shelf Edge Labeling Solutions eliminate the need to manually cut and sort temporary shelf edge labels. As a retailer your time is money; achieve greater labor and resource savings while building sales at the point of decision.

How powerful is the shelf-edge as a marketing tool?

Despite 76 percent of purchase decisions (and 60 percent of brand ‘switch’ decisions) being made impulsively at the shelf-edge, the power of the shelf-edge as a premium marketing tool can sometimes be underestimated.

How can shelf-edge displays improve customer experience in supermarkets?

Fresh technologies such as electronic shelf-edge displays can be used not only to provide vital information, but also to provide a valuable, personalized and truly seamless experiences for shoppers. Currently, supermarkets in particular stand to gain the most value from taking the digital plunge.

What are the benefits of E-shelf-edge displays?

Fresh technologies such as electronic shelf-edge displays can be used not only to provide vital information, but also to provide valuable, personalized and truly seamless experiences for shoppers.