What is the third playable character in GTA 5?

What is the third playable character in GTA 5?

3 Trevor. Being the third playable character in GTA V, Trevor is undoubtedly the most entertaining, and most fans of the franchise would have him at number one.

How do you keep all 3 characters in GTA 5?

  1. The moment of selecting the ending of Grand Theft Auto 5. Franklin will have to choose the game-ending.
  2. Option A (killing Trevor) Trevor will burn.
  3. Option B (Killing Michael) Michael will fall down whatever you choose.
  4. Option C (saving Trevor and Michael) Option C is the only way to keep all character alive.

Who are the 4 playable characters in GTA 5?

The wheel is divided into four quarters, each one for Michael, Trevor, Franklin, and the Online Player. Below each character is a number indicating how many missions are presently available for that individual.

Why does GTA V have 3 characters?

Apparently, they always intended for three playable characters in GTA 5. Rockstar has always been ambitious with every project. There was a time when they set the bar high for each new game. It was going to be the biggest game in the series, and one of the ways they accomplished this was through multiple protagonists.

Can you save both Trevor and Michael?

Option C (saving Trevor and Michael) The longest, the most difficult but also, probably, the most rewarding ending. Franklin calls Lester to find a way of saving both of his friends. Lester will suggest a meeting in abandoned place, where you will fight both Merryweather and FIB.

Who is the main villain in GTA 5?

Devin Weston
Devin Weston is the main antagonist of Grand Theft Auto V. He is a wealthy investor described by Lester Crest as a ‘pseudo-liberal’, and a majority shareholder in Merryweather Security, owning 11% of its stock.

Who is GTA V main character?

Trevor Philips is a fictional character and one of the three playable protagonists, alongside Michael De Santa and Franklin Clinton, of Grand Theft Auto V, the seventh main title in the Grand Theft Auto series developed by Rockstar Games….

Trevor Philips
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