What is there to do in Broward today for kids?

What is there to do in Broward today for kids?

Fort Lauderdale Beach. 9,254. Beaches.

  • Hollywood Beach. 6,123. Beaches.
  • Pompano Beach. 388. Beaches.
  • Las Olas Boulevard. 6,634. Points of Interest & Landmarks • Shopping Malls.
  • Flamingo Gardens. 1,334. Nature & Wildlife Areas • Gardens.
  • Deerfield Beach Boardwalk. 268.
  • Pompano Beach Water Taxi. Ferries.
  • Las Olas Beach. 1,787.
  • What can toddlers do in Broward County?

    Top 10 Best toddler activities in Broward County, FL

    • Playtown Museum. 7.5 mi.
    • Family Farm. 8.9 mi.
    • Flippo’s – Fort Lauderdale. 21.9 mi.
    • Schoolhouse Children’s Museum & Learning Center. 36.4 mi.
    • My Gym Children’s Fitness Center. 12.6 mi.
    • Todo Kids. 12.6 mi.
    • Flamingo Gardens. 11.8 mi.
    • Bluefoot Pirate Adventures. 23.3 mi.

    Is Fort Lauderdale a good place for kids?

    These days it’s also known for its many family-friendly activities, making it the perfect Florida vacation destination. Whether you’re looking to get back to nature, explore the city, relax at the beach, or discover one-of-a-kind restaurants and adventures, Ft. Lauderdale has something for everyone in your group.

    Is Fort Lauderdale good for families?

    Fort Lauderdale is a wonderful area to raise kids. It’s close to a few beaches, and there are plenty of attractions around to take the kids to. Whether you’re looking to live in the city or one of Fort Lauderdale’s suburbs, rest assured you’ll find a neighborhood that’s right for you and your family.

    How do I organize my kids birthday party?

    7 Steps to Planning a Kid’s Birthday Party

    1. Choose a Theme. The first step to planning a kid’s birthday party is choosing a theme.
    2. Determine the Guest List & Send Invitations.
    3. Pick the Location.
    4. Order Food.
    5. Purchase (or Make) Decor & Party Favors.
    6. Choose & Gather Materials for Games.
    7. Create a Checklist for the Day Of.

    How far is Disney from Fort Lauderdale?

    209 miles
    Yes, the driving distance between Fort Lauderdale to Walt Disney World is 209 miles. It takes approximately 3h 34m to drive from Fort Lauderdale to Walt Disney World. Which airlines fly from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport to Orlando Airport?

    Is Tampa or Fort Lauderdale better?

    Having been to both I prefer Fort Lauderdale because it has much better dining, night life and dining. Both have nice beaches while the water in the Tampa area tends to be warmer since it is on the Gulf of Mexico vs the Atlantic Ocean.

    Is Miami or Fort Lauderdale cheaper?

    Fort Lauderdale is 4.2% less expensive than Miami. Fort Lauderdale housing costs are 4.8% less expensive than Miami housing costs. Health related expenses are 2.0% less in Fort Lauderdale.

    Is Fort Lauderdale or Miami better for kids?

    Fort Lauderdale is Miami’s more sophisticated sister city for a reason! You’ll find many more family-friendly attractions here, and you won’t have to sift through shifty spots to find them. Below are just a few of the kid-approved attractions available in Fort Lauderdale!