What is w3c-srgs?

What is w3c-srgs?

W3C-SRGS (Speech Recognition Grammar Specification) is one of the standard to define the speech recognition grammar. It uses XML format with following tags to Indicates URI of W3C-PLS lexicon (see next section). Optional. Indicates set of grammar distinguished by an ID.

How do I create an SRGS grammar programmatically?

To create an SRGS grammar programmatically, you construct an empty SrgsDocument instance and add instances of classes that represent SRGS elements. The SrgsItem, SrgsOneOf, SrgsRule, SrgsRuleRef, SrgsSemanticInterpretationTag, and SrgsToken classes represent elements defined in the SRGS specification.

What is SRGS and how does it work?

Speech Recognition Grammar Specification (SRGS) is a W3C standard for how speech recognition grammars are specified. A speech recognition grammar is a set of word patterns, and tells a speech recognition system what to expect a human to say.

How to validate the structure of w3c-srgs grammar using openhri?

OpenHRI has more powerful tool to validate the structure of the W3C-SRGS grammar. “juliustographviz” tool can visualize the grammar in graph to check the correctness. To draw the graph, enter following command: For example, you will get the following output: