What kind of film does a Canon Rebel 2000 take?

What kind of film does a Canon Rebel 2000 take?

35mm film
The Canon EOS Rebel 2000 requires 35mm film. 35mm films are still made by different producers. For color photos you can use Agfaphoto Vista 400 (eBay / Amazon). The Ilford FP4 Plus (eBay / Amazon) is a good choice for black and white pictures.

How do you rewind film on a Canon Rebel 2000?

omar_torres. The Rebel 2000 does not have a rewind-with-leader-out option. The only way you could do this is rewinding the whole roll and then taking the leader out with the tool to get it out (don’t know what it’s called).

How do you rewind film on a Canon Rebel G?

Midroll Rewind Press and hold down the film rewind button (self-timer button) for at least 1 second.

How do I rewind my Canon Rebel film?

How do I rewind my Canon T70?

There is NO automatic rewind as on newer cameras. To rewind, slide the switch on the bottom of the T70 towards the silver rewind button, then press that button, too. The T70 will rewind the film, sounding like a toy while counting down the frame counter, and in 27 seconds, your 36-exposure roll is rewound.

What is the best canon rebel?

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What is the best canon Rebel camera?

– Canon EOS 5D Mark III – Canon EOS-1D X – Canon EOS 7D Mark II – Canon EOS 5DS – Canon EOS Rebel T6

Will Nikon lens work on Canon EOS Rebel cameras?

No, Canon lenses cannot be mounted on Nikon DSLRs. Technically it is possible to design an adapter to do it, but you will not be able to focus to infinity. This is due to the fact that Nikon DSLRs have a longer distance between the lens flange and the sensor (focal plane), which would make Canon lenses behave almost like extension tubes.

What is a Canon EOS?

Canon first made reference to the term EOS in the late 1980’s when they produced their first auto focus SLR camera. All EOS camera’s made today, still work with the lenses built back then. Many people mistakenly believe that the term EOS stands for some new special feature built into Canon digital SLR cameras.