What makes a good Tumblr theme?

What makes a good Tumblr theme?

By Artistic Influence. A tumblr theme should be two things: classy and fabulous, two things that are interwoven into the very impressive Allure theme. The Incredible theme is built with imagery at its heart – combined with modern philosophy. A vibrant, colourful portfolio Tumblr theme that makes a statement.

What is whirlpy Tumblr theme?

Whirlpy is 2 Columns Responsive, For Music, High Res, Clean Tumblr Theme with Flickr, Instagram, Disqus Comments. Take your blog to some dark places with this beautiful minimal theme. Da Vinci is a theme of epic proportions like its namesake – fully responsive, powerful features and perfect for image heavy blogs.

What is the single Tumblr theme?

The Single A tumblr theme was the first theme to introduce the sticky post and featured posts. It has recently been upgraded and is a simple, but super customizable theme. A simple, yet powerful theme designed for highly visual blogs with long-form written articles.

What is the verge Tumblr theme?

Horizontal scrolling Verge stands out from the crowd as a unique and flattering theme for your posts. Created by Style Hatch A wonderfully refined, super-customizable powerhouse. A tile based masonry Tumblr theme, perfect for any type of Tumblr blogger.

What is the best Tumblr theme for a moodboard?

18 Hours is a new-wave minimal moodboard. 18 Hours’ horizontal scrolling is a trippy experience that will keep you and your users constantly scrolling. If you’re looking for a magazine-style layout then this theme will serve you well. ‘gonzopress (ious)’ is a Premium Tumblr Theme made for writing.

What is rainrainbow Tumblr theme?

Rainbow is a colorful Tumblr theme featuring a grid-based post layout. The theme can be used to build a portfolio website, photography website, and even a blog. It also comes with a slider for featuring your most recent posts and includes a slide-out sidebar for adding your widgets.

What is workbook Tumblr theme?

Perfect for portfolios, Workbook is a premium Tumblr theme designed to show off your best work in style. Wallstocker ( ウォールストッカー )は、シンプルでクリーンなポートフォリオ向けtumblrテーマです。 レスポンシブWebデザインによるモバイル・タブレット対応などの基本的なユーザビリティをサポートし、ブログタイトルをロゴ画像に変更したり、メニューリストのデザインを選べたりなど、様々なニーズに応える拡張機能を充実させました。