What mental illness does Metta World Peace have?

What mental illness does Metta World Peace have?

World Peace, who retired in 2017 after 17 years in the NBA, already had been in therapy for some time, attempting to channel the intensity that made him the NBA’s premier defender. But still, the consequences from that night sent him into a depression, part of a longtime struggle with personal peace.

Why did Artest fight fan?

Jackson followed Artest into the stands and punched a fan, William Paulson, in the face in retaliation for the man throwing another drink in Artest’s face while he was being restrained by other spectators.

Who did Ron Artest get in a fight with?

The ordeal, known as the “Malice at the Palace,” is 17 years old, having taken place on Nov. 19, 2004. After Wallace shoved Artest, both team benches emptied to control the feud. The fight seemed over after just a few moments, but then Pistons fan John Green threw a beer at Artest, who was laying on the scorers table.

Why was Reggie suspended?

Miller didn’t play in the actual game, but ended up being suspended for a game after he also entered the stands. He said he wasn’t concerned for the team’s safety then, but when the Pacers returned later in the season.

What was Metta World Peace real name?

Ronald William Artest, Jr.Metta Sandiford-Artest / Full name

Metta Sandiford-Artest (born Ronald William Artest Jr.; November 13, 1979) is an American former professional basketball player. He was known as Ron Artest before legally changing his name to Metta World Peace in 2011 and later to Metta Sandiford-Artest in 2020.

Who was the fan that threw beer at Ron Artest?

John Green
The cup-thrower in question, the docuseries explains, was John Green, a man who has now become famous in his own right for throwing a cup that hit Pacers player Ron Artest, who has since changed his name to Metta Sandiford-Artest.

When did Metta World Peace elbow James Harden?

Back in April of 2012, the Los Angeles Lakers hosted the Oklahoma City Thunder in Staples Center. With less than two minutes left in the second quarter, World Peace, caught Harden with a hard elbow following a dunk that got the crowd on its feet. Harden crashed to the floor before leaving the game with a concussion.

Was Michael Jordan ever suspended for a game?

12 — Chicago Bulls superstar Michael Jordan was suspended by the NBA without pay for one game and fined $10,000 for his role in Wednesday night’s fight with Indiana Pacers guard Reggie Miller. The one-game suspension covered the Bulls’ home game tonight with the New York Knicks. The Bulls lost, 104-98.

When did Reggie Miller retire?

2005Reggie Miller / Career end

Why did Metta World Peace change his name again?

Artest originally changed his name to Metta World Peace during the 2011 offseason. The reasoning he gave Bill Plaschke of The Los Angeles Times in the moment was brilliant: “I changed my name because I got tired of Ron Artest, he’s a [expletive],” World Peace said.

What happened to Metta World Peace?

Metta World Peace, who changed his name from Ron Artest in 2011, retired in 2017 following an 18-year professional career. The 6-foot-6 small forward averaged a modest 13.2 points, 4.5 rebounds, and 2.7 assists in the regular season but put up slightly better numbers in the playoffs.

What is Metta World Peace’s age?

Metta World Peace was born on November 13, 1979, in Queens, New York as a white ethnic man with birth sign Scorpio. Currently, 38 years of his age, he was born to mother, Sarah Artest, and father, Ron Artest Sr. He spent his childhood with his siblings Daniel Artest and Isaiah Artest.

Who is Metta World famous for?

He is one of the popular basketball players. Metta played for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association. Earlier, he was known as Ron Artest before, legally changed his name in September 2011 to motivate and bring youth altogether. He wore the jersey no. 37 and played the forward position for his team.

What is Matta World Peace’s net worth?

Matta World Peace had an estimated net worth of $35 million in 2016, but his net worth has raised to $36 million in 2019. He was previously receiving an annual salary of $7.2 million as a player whereas his current salary as a coach is $1.5 million.