What name means strong protector?

What name means strong protector?

LiamLiam is a great Celtic and Gaelic boys’ name. The meaning of the name is “unwavering protector.” Liam is a strong first name and can also be used as a middle name. TroyTroy is an Irish boys’ name referring to a famous Greek mythology battle.

What name means noble protector?

Delmira: Another beautiful name from Germany meaning a noble protector.

What is a biblical name for protector?

Avigdor is a Hebrew name that means ‘protector or father’. The name Avigdor actually appears in the Bible in reference to Moses.

What Greek name means protector?

Alexander is a name that is Greek in origin, and it means “protector of mankind” as well as “defender of men”.

What name means loyal protector?

Alessandra (Italian origin) name meaning “protector”.

What is Latin for protector?

protectores eius. More Latin words for protector. protector noun. bodyguard, watchman, custodian, custode, sentinel. praesul noun.

What is a female name for protector?

Alessia, Alexandria, Alessandra, or Alexandra: The feminine version of Alexander, meaning ‘protector’ or ‘defender of men’. There are lots of sweet nicknames for this name, too: Lexi, Alex, Ali, Dria, Xandra, Sandra, Sandy, Lessy… the list goes on!

What is the Indian name for protector?

32. Amanpal (Indian origin) meaning “protector of peace”. 33. Chadd (English origin) meaning “protector” or “defender”.

What name means God will protect?

1) Anselm (German): God’s protection.

What are names that mean protector?

Names That Mean Protector. Alastair – Scottish name meaning “defender” Alessandra – Greek name meaning “protector” Alexa – Greek name meaning “defender” Alois – German name meaning “warrior” Aloysius – French name meaning “warrior” Andro – Greek name meaning “warrior” Batair – Gaelic name meaning “warrior”

What is the meaning of the names warrior protector survivor and fighter?

Significance And Meaning Of The Names Warrior, Protector, Survivor, And Fighter: Before you go on to the names themselves, here is a quick look at what each of the word symbolizes: Warrior: A warrior refers to someone who is a specialist in some form of warfare or combat.

What is a good name for a soldier?

14.Roger (German origin) meaning “famous soldier”. James Bond actor, Roger Moore, carries this name. 15.Troy (Irish origin) meaning “descendant of foot soldier”. Troy refers to a famous battle in Greek mythology. 16.Walter (German origin) meaning “powerful ruler”. A popular English name. 17.Warner (English origin) meaning “Army Guard”.

What are some names that mean warrior?

Cedric: A short and sweet Welsh name that means the warrior leader. Khalon: The American name means a strong warrior. Kimble: While this name sounds like a classic English one, it means the chief of the warriors. Here is a list of baby boy names meaning protector: