What reading level are Minecraft books?

What reading level are Minecraft books?

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  • Reading age. 6 – 9 years.
  • Print length. 144 pages.
  • English.
  • Grade level. 1 – 4.
  • Lexile measure. 510L.
  • Dimensions. 6.13 x 0.66 x 8.5 inches.
  • Random House Books for Young Readers.
  • March 26, 2019.

What age are the Minecraft books for?

Essential Minecraft Books Age Range: 8 – 12 years (even 6-year-olds will love them!) This is the complete collection of the Official Minecraft books written by the game’s developers and published by Scholastic.

Is Minecraft a book or game?

Minecraft (book)

First edition
Authors Daniel Goldberg, Linus Larsson
Language English
Subjects Minecraft, Markus Persson, Mojang
Publisher Seven Stories Press

What is Minecraft book?

The Official Minecraft Books are a series of guidebooks for Minecraft, written for new and inexperienced players while being high-quality enough for collectors. The books are written by various authors.

What reading level is Minecraft the island?

Minecraft: The Island is a novel with highly engaging content for upper elementary and middle school students (Grades 5–8). The artful design of the storyline incorporates science phenomenon within a fictional setting and teaches numerous life lessons.

What lexile is K?

English Level Correlation Chart

Learning A-Z Text Leveling System Grade Lexile*
K 2 510L-620L
L 2 510L-620L
M 2 530L-810L
N 2 530L-810L

Is Minecraft the island a true story?

The video game Minecraft. And not a nonfiction book about the creation of Minecraft and its impact on society. Not a guide to playing Minecraft (although, in a weird way, it kind of is). It’s a novel, set in the Minecraft universe.

How many Minecraft novels are there?

There are 12 books in this series. Select the number of items you want to purchase.

How many Mojang books are there?

There are 12 books in this series.

What is the best book about blocks in Minecraft?

“Minecraft: Blockopedia” is another book about highly popular Minecraft game written by Alex Wiltshire (Scholastic Inc.) and this time the subject are blocks, all of them 112 explained in full detail.

What does the book look like in Minecraft?

The book comes in a box and is actually a hexagonal shaped book, to look like a Minecraft block. Each page that introduces the block has a cool full page image that covers the hexagon three way the grass block does on the front cover.

What are the best resources to learn Minecraft?

Minecraft: Blockopedia is a highly useful resource for the Minecraft fan from beginner to expert. Every block in Minecraft is explained, from where you can find them, their function, to crafting information and even expert advice. Blocks from the Overworld, Nether and End are included as well as Redstone blocks.