What season is it in Okinawa Japan right now?

What season is it in Okinawa Japan right now?

With its subtropical climate, Okinawa stays warm throughout the year. Average annual temperatures are around 23°C, with a winter average of 17°C and a minimum of 10°C. Winter lasts from December to February, while the hot, humid summer starts in April and continues into September.

Does Okinawa ever get cold?

Okinawa is at its coldest between January and February. However, the average temperature stays at around 17°C/62.6°F and the hottest it gets is around 20°C/68°F. The lowest temperatures are at around 15°C/59°F.

Is it always warm in Okinawa?

In Okinawa, the summers are hot, oppressive, wet, and overcast; the winters are cool and mostly clear; and it is windy year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 57°F to 89°F and is rarely below 50°F or above 92°F.

When did Okinawa get snow?

Could such a thing actually happen? Well, yes and no. The last time in recorded history that it “snowed” in Okinawa was on Feb 17th, 1977. Residents of the island of Kumejima, just west of Okinawa, actually witnessed sleet falling from the sky when a similar cold front pushed extremely far south.

Is Okinawa tropical?

Made of up 150 islands, Japan’s Okinawa prefecture is an unexpected tropical paradise where Japanese and American cultures combine, the scenery is inimitable, and wildlife abounds.

Is Japan letting in US citizens?

Starting March 1, authorized travelers to Japan from the United States will be eligible for a further-reduced, three-day quarantine period. The three-day quarantine must be completed at a Government of Japan-designated facility. Travelers must complete pre-travel testing, testing upon arrival, and again on day three.

Can Japanese citizens enter Japan?

From January 8, 2021, all those who enter, re-enter or return to Japan (including Japanese nationals) are also subject to conducting of COVID-19 test upon arrival no matter whether arriving from the countries/regions designated as an area subject to denial of permission to enter Japan or not until further notice.

How far is Okinawa from Tokyo by train?

about 1309 miles
Trains from Okinawa to Tokyo The railroad connecting two cities is about 1309 miles. The trip takes approximately 34 hours. The average city-to-city ticket will cost around 865 USD.