What show has the Spiderman theme song?

What show has the Spiderman theme song?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. “Spider-Man” is the theme song of the 1967 cartoon show Spider-Man, composed by Paul Francis Webster and Bob Harris.

Is 60s Spider-Man on Disney plus?

Therefore, when the Spider-Man films do the land on Disney Plus, the only way you’ll be able to watch them is via a VPN if you’re in the UK. Sony is continuing to expand its Marvel universe with the sequel to Venom, the new film Morbius (expected in 2022) and possibly a Spider-Woman film.

What is the theme of Spider-Man no way home?

The overarching message in “No Way Home” is that everyone deserves a second chance — even the villains we all know and, in some cases, love to hate.

Who composed the Spider-Man theme 2002?

Danny Elfman
It was released on June 4, 2002. The score combines traditional orchestration, ethnic percussion and electronic elements. Its distinct ethnic characteristics are credited to its composer, Danny Elfman, who spent a year in Africa studying its unique percussion. A CD release of the score came out from Sony’s label.

Who wrote the music for Spider-Man 2002?

Danny ElfmanSpider-Man / Music composed by

Music from and Inspired by Spider-Man is a 2002 soundtrack album for the film Spider-Man. Although it contains a portion of the film score by Danny Elfman, a more complete album of Elfman’s work was released as Spider-Man: Original Motion Picture Score.

Who did the 90s Spider-Man theme?

Joe Perry
While the opening theme was done by Joe Perry of Aerosmith and Shuki Levi, the rest of the music was composed by Levy, Kussa Mahchi, and Udi Harpaz.

Why did Disney remove Spider-Man cartoon?

It was not revealed what led to the show’s removal. It could have been a licensing issue. It may have been a technical issue. Whatever the case, fans have been assured it will return.

What are the lyrics to the Spiderman Theme Song?

The show is fondly remembered by children of that era despite the cheap animation and lackluster scripts, but its most lasting legacy (beyond the triple Spider-Man internet meme) is the theme song by Paul Francis Webster and Bob Harris. It begins “Spider

Who sang the original Spiderman Theme Song?

Theme from Spider-Man. Written by Paul Francis Webster and Bob Harris (as Robert Harris) My Nutmeg Phantasy. Written by Macy Gray, Darryl Swann, Lonnie Marshall, Keefus Ciancia, Finn Hammer and Tom Ralls. Performed by Macy Gray. Courtesy of Epic Records. By arrangement with Sony Music Licensing. Itsy Bitsy Spider.

What is the theme of Spider Man?


  • Sacrifice
  • Power
  • Madness
  • Good vs. Evil
  • Coming of Age
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