What song does Blue want to play?

What song does Blue want to play?

Itsy Bitsy Spider
The answer was “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. Steve, Blue, Sock Monkey, Tickety, Crab, Octopus, Heron, and Spider got together to play the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” song game. After that, it becomes Steve’s turn for a song.

What Blue wants on a rainy day?

The viewers thought Blue wanted to have a marching band parade. After figuring out Blue’s Clues, Blue started the marching band parade holding the baton. Blue comes back and is banging the pot lids as cymbals and alongside is Mr.

What game does Blue want to play?

Steve thought it was the duckity, duck, duck goose game. But the answer that Blue wanted to play was “Duck, Duck, Goose”. After figuring out Blue’s Clues, they play the game. After that, Steve sings the So Long Song and the episode ends.

How do you play Blue’s Clues&you on the guitar?

Press the paw print button on the guitar for sounds and motion. The music note button will play the Blue’s Clues & You! theme song and start the dance! Blue dances along to the music, moving her head and lifting her ears and paw up and down.

What do you get with Blue’s Clues&You?

Kids will love to play along with Blue as they dance and sing with the Blue’s Clues & You! Dance-Along Blue Plush. This adorable interactive plush Blue includes Josh’s iconic Handy Dandy Guitar as a controller.

Does Blue’s clues come in a box?

The toy is cute but it doesn’t say anywhere that it arrives in a Blue’s Clues box!! My daughter was crushed when she saw a Blues Clues box get delivered on our porch and I had to then tell her she couldn’t open it (it was a birthday present for her). You should definitely give the heads up on this!!!

Is there a new episode of Blue’s Clues&You?

Blue’s Sing-Along Spectacular! Blue’s Clues & You has a new special episode coming. A little while ago I introduced my kids to the new show Blue’s Clues & You!. While I watched the original show when I was a child it is refreshing for it to be updated for a new generation.