What team has Lee Corso picked the most?

What team has Lee Corso picked the most?

Alabama as Lee Corso’s headgear pick Lee Corso has picked an Alabama game a total of 47 times as his headgear pick.

What team did Lee Corso pick today?

Georgia Bulldogs
College Gameday was on site outside the Hard Rock in South Florida, and of course, the legend himself Coach Lee Corso made a headgear pick. Coach Corso put on the Hairy Dawg head and picked the Georgia Bulldogs.

Who did Lee Corso pick on GameDay today?

On a special edition of College GameDay in Charlotte, Lee Corso picked Georgia over Clemson in the first top-five showdown of the 2021 season.

How often does Lee Corso pick the winner?

When it comes Corso’s overall game prediction average, he has a winning percentage of 65.59%, according to Reagan’s analysis. That’s pretty good for someone who has predicted the result of over 3,000 games in the show’s history. His accuracy is slightly better when calling the game with headgear, too.

Who did Corso pick between Georgia and Michigan?

Lee Corso prediction for Orange Bowl on College GameDay Corso is going with the favorites and picked Kirby Smart’s Georgia squad to beat Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan Wolverines. Corso donned the famous mascot head as GameDay signed off from Miami. “Uga is angry. Uga is angry and hungry.”

Who did Lee Corso coach?

Louisville Cardinals
Corso was head coach of the Louisville Cardinals for four seasons (1969-72), and in that short span took the Cardinals to the 1970 Pasadena Bowl. It was the first Louisville football bowl appearance since 1958.

What was wrong with Lee Corso last year?

The former coach had a stroke in 2009 and he has admirably fought back from partial paralysis and loss of speech to continue on-air for more than a decade. Corso is 86 years old. While it’s great to see him out there making headgear picks and being utterly lovable, it’s also sad.

How many times has Lee Corso picked?

Lee Corso has picked an Alabama game a total of 47 times as his headgear pick. He picked Alabama to win 34 times, and he picked against Alabama 13 times.

Has Lee Corso ever picked Kentucky?

ESPN College GameDay picks for LSU, UK Wildcats football Lee Corso picked the Kentucky Wildcats.