What to say to someone who has quit smoking?

What to say to someone who has quit smoking?

You might say:

  • “I’m so proud of you for trying to quit smoking. I’ll help with whatever you need to make it happen.”
  • “Quitting smoking will be hard, but I know you can do it. Have you set a quit date?”
  • “You’re not in this alone.
  • “Quitting smoking is the best thing I ever did!

What is the sentence of smoke free?

1. We are calling for all airlines to be smoke-free. 2. Most workers prefer a smoke-free environment at the office.

What does it mean when they say smoke free?

It simply means that people cannot smoke inside the building or in other areas specified in the policy, such as on balconies and patios.

How do you motivate someone not to smoke?

Do spend time with the quitter, engaging in activities that help keep their mind off smoking. Go to a movie or a concert, take a walk, sign up for a class like photography or painting, cook together.

How do people celebrate quitting smoking?

It’s important to take your quit journey one day at a time. Reward yourself for smokefree days and get support when you need it….Celebrate Your Savings

  1. Buy some new clothes.
  2. Sign up for a class like photography, painting, or cooking.
  3. Take a road trip.
  4. Go to a movie with people who supported your quit journey.

How do you say smoke free?

800-QUIT-NOW (800-784-8669) All states have quitlines with counselors who are trained specifically to help smokers quit. Call this number to connect directly to your state’s quitline.

Is smoke free one word or two?

Hyphenate compound modifiers preceding a noun: well-run establishment, ill-fitting garment, full-time job, smoke-free restaurant. A compound modifier following the noun it describes does not require a hyphen, but it is not incorrect to use one: The restaurant is smoke free.

How does a smoke free environment benefit society?

Living in a smoke-free environment promotes healthier hearts and lungs. Smoke-free housing also reduces the risk of fire-related injuries and death. What are other benefits of smoke-free housing? Your family, guests, pets and building staff will all find the air more pleasant to breathe.

Does smoking affect motivation?

While the results of smoking may be expected to decrease fitness, new research, published in Respirology, has found that smokers are less physically active, lack motivation and are more likely to suffer symptoms of anxiety and depression.