What type of doors are in hospitals?

What type of doors are in hospitals?

Types Of Hospital Doors For Sale

  • Healthcare Door. Healthcare facilities need to prevent cross-contamination,that’s why healthcare hospital door is designed.
  • Operating Room Door. Operating rooms require no spread of infection.
  • Lead Lined Door.
  • Hermetic Door.
  • HPL Patient Room Door.
  • Hospital Sliding Door.

What size is a hospital door?

5 x 7 Feet
Hinged Stainless Steel Hospital Door, Size/Dimension: 5 X 7 Feet

Usage/Application Hospital
Size/Dimension 5 x 7 Feet
Door Open Style Hinged
Brand R R Clean Air Systems
Thickness 35 mm

Which door is used in hospital?

The electric sliding doors with hermetic function are suitable for operation rooms, sterile intensive rooms and ICUs.

What material is used for hospital doors?

Metal Lead Lined Door Material: Mild Steel. Usage/Application: Hospital. Size/Dimension: 7×3 feet(LxW) or Customized. Open Style: Hinged.

What is HPL door?

The HPL door is a smooth interior door with a rigid plastic top layer and is available in butted or lipped designs. The HPL doors are perfectly suited for use in locations where physical demands are set for the finish: the doors are impact-resistant and scratch-proof.

What is lead lined door?

Radiant Shielding Doors (X Ray Room Doors) Doors are designed to take into consideration the heavy weight that sheet lead imposes on them. Usually they are attached to studs in the walls using a variety of techniques specifically designed to hold the door securely and prevent radiation shielding leakage.

What is hermetic door?

The hermetically sealing sliding door has been specifically designed for use in areas where hygiene and the control of air leakage is critical. The door has a unique patented track system that enables it to seal perfectly when closed helping to reduce air handling costs, cross-contamination and wound infections.

What is glazed door?

A door constructed with glass panes, shaped to particular size and pattern is called the glazed door. They are hard but delicate and used mostlyinside as architectural features in new building and renovation.

What makes our Ward doors different?

All the ward door leaf are filled aluminum honey comb and solid wood block instead of chipboard and paper honeycomb, giving our doors better impack resistance performance. 4. Bespoke hospital door size: All the patient room doors can be configured as single/double sliding either manual or automatic. Custom size are welcome. 5.

What are the different types of hospital room doors?

Bespoke hospital door size: All the patient room doors can be configured as single/double sliding either manual or automatic. Custom size are welcome. 5. Versatile hospital room door facing: We offer melamine, HPL, formica as door facing, with hundreds of color to choose from. 6.

How to choose the right patient room door?

In a hospital or medical center, patient room doors should be lightweight and come with the option of wider opening. Door frame matters a lot in it that should be made of metal, instead of wood. If you are looking for patient room door, you have come at the right place.

What are the advantages of aluminium Hospital Doors?

Aluminum hospital door frame system: We have been using the innovative aluminum frame instead of traditional wooden frame for all the hospital patient room doors, which give a much higher installation efficiency than wooden doors. besides this structure will give a wider and higher opening for our patient room required by modern architect. 2.