What type of jobs are in the Coast Guard?

What type of jobs are in the Coast Guard?

View Coast Guard Job Descriptions

  • Aviation Maintenance Technician. AMTs are responsible for maintaining and crewing CG aircraft.
  • Aviation Survival Technician.
  • Avionics Electrical Technician.
  • Boatswain’s Mate.
  • Culinary Specialist.
  • Damage Controlman.
  • Electrician’s Mate.
  • Electronics Technician.

What are the officers in the Coast Guard?

Senior Coast Guard Leadership

  • Senior Leadership Home.
  • Commandant.
  • Vice Commandant.
  • Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard.
  • Chaplain of the Coast Guard.
  • Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard – R.
  • Auxiliary.
  • Leader Bios. Flag Officer & Senior Executive Service Members. Gold Badge Command Master Chiefs.

Can you go in as an officer in the Coast Guard?

You can earn a commission as an officer in the Coast Guard through the Coast Guard Academy, Officer Candidate School, direct commissioning and the College Student Pre-Commissioning Initiative (CSPI). Applicants for all programs must be physically qualified, U.S. citizens and possess high moral character.

Whats the best job in the Coast Guard?

5 Best Coast Guard Jobs For 2021

  • Avionics Electrical Technician.
  • Boatswain’s Mate.
  • Information Systems Technician.
  • Rescue Swimmer.
  • Direct Commission Aviator (Helicopter Pilot) Conclusion.

How many officers are in the Coast Guard?

There was a large range in the total number of offi- cers in the O-1 through O-6 ranks, from 72,610 in the Army to 6,508 in the Coast Guard. The total number of officers in the Coast Guard and Marine Corps was much smaller than in the other Services.

What is OCS in the Coast Guard?

The Coast Guard Officer Candidate School (OCS) is a rigorous course of instruction that prepares candidates to serve effectively as officers in the Coast Guard. OCS also provides a wide range of highly technical information necessary for performing the duties of a Coast Guard officer.

Do officers have a MOS?

Do Officers have MOS? Similar to enlisted personnel MOS, there are hundreds of different careers available for commissioned officers that each have their own code. Warrant officers in the military are classified under their own system of job codes known as Warrant Officer MOS (WOMOS).

Can you pick your duty station in the Coast Guard?

Every Coast Guard recruit gets to pick his or her first duty station. The catch is that it’s from a very short list of where they need non rated personnel. When you get close to graduation “the list” gets posted. Then each recruit picks their first duty station from that list in the order of your company ranking.

What is a Coast Guard officer in charge?

The Coast Guard Officer in Charge Afloat badge is a signal honor and major career milestone for enlisted personnel. The Officer in Charge must be assigned by the Commander, Coast Guard Personnel Service Center, Enlisted Personnel Management Division as the designated OIC of either a floating or ashore unit.

What is the job description of the Coast Guard?

The Irish Coast Guard is looking to hire watch officers and the pay to specify their preferred location and will be assigned to one of the three RCCs. The job description says: “Assignments are based on prioritisation of vacancies and appointees

What is the salary of a Coast Guard officer?

What Is an Average Yearly Coast Guard Salary? Like the other military branches, the United States government sets the pay scale for the Coast Guard. Basic pay starts at $1,554 per month or $18,648…

What are Coast Guard jobs?

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What are the qualifications to join the Coast Guard?

The Coast Guard’s acquisition boom will simply replace its legacy stable of assets; if the service expects to operate successfully as a global representative of U.S. interests, it will need every additional hull it can get. While the fraught LCS program