What vegetables are there in the world?

What vegetables are there in the world?

Vegetables A-Z

  • Artichokes, globe – Atihoka. Fruits.
  • Artichokes, Jerusalem – Atihoka. Tubers.
  • Asian greens. Leaves.
  • Asparagus – Apareka/Pikopiko Pākehā Stems.
  • Beans – Pine/Pīni. Seeds.
  • Beetroot – Rengakura. Roots.
  • Broccoli – Pūpihi/Poroki. Flowers.
  • Brussels sprouts – Aonanī Leaves.

Where are most vegetables grown in the world?

Leading global producers of fresh vegetables 2020 In that year, China was the leading producer with a production volume of nearly 594 million metric tons, followed by India with approximately 141.2 million metric tons of fresh vegetables.

How many vegetables are there names?

29 Vegetable Names in English to Quickly Grow Your Food Vocabulary. Did you know that there are around 20,000 types of edible (something you can eat) plants?

Which country has many vegetables?

Which countries produce the most vegetables? The country which produces the most vegetables in the world, measured by quantity, is again China with 420.934. 445 T in the year 2013, followed by India, the United States, Turkey and Iran.

What vegetables originated in Africa?

Across the eastern part of Africa, some common vegetables include African black nightshade (solanum nigrum), stinging nettle, amaranth, spiderplant (cleome gynandra), Pumpkin, black-eyed peas commonly known as cowpeas, african eggplant, Ethiopian kale (brassica carinata) and okra.

How many vegetables are in India?

Here in this article, we have got you an extensive list of 93 healthy and nutritious vegetables that are a powerhouse of vital nutrients. Indian vegetables also make a part of this list that will convince you to add them in your daily diet.

What are the true vegetables?

Vegetables can be grouped according to the edible part of each plant: leaves (lettuce), stalks (celery), roots (carrot), tubers (potato), bulbs (onion), and flowers (broccoli). In addition, fruits such as the tomato and seeds such as the pea are commonly considered vegetables.

Which country ranks first in vegetables?


Vegetable First Second
Chickpea India Turkey
Pulses (total) India United Kingdom
Cauliflowers and Broccoli China India
Eggplant China India