What was Edmund I known for?

What was Edmund I known for?

Edmund I, byname Edmund the Deed-Doer, Latin Edmundus Magnificus, (born 921—died May 26, 946, Pucklechurch, Eng.), king of the English (939–946), who recaptured areas of northern England that had been occupied by the Vikings.

Who is Edmund the first?

Edmund I or Eadmund I (920/921 – 26 May 946) was King of the English from 27 October 939 until his death. He was the elder son of King Edward the Elder and his third wife, Queen Eadgifu, and a grandson of King Alfred the Great.

Which King was killed on toilet?

Edmund king
Æthelred died on 23 April 1016, making Edmund king….

Edmund Ironside
Successor Cnut the Great
Born c. 990 England
Died 30 November 1016 (aged 25–26) Oxford or London, England
Burial Glastonbury Abbey

What happened to Edmund?

Edmund was killed near Bradfield St Clare, an ancient village in Suffolk, and in 902 his body was taken to nearby Bedricsworth, where King Athelstan established a shrine in his honour. This shrine quickly became associated with healing miracles. In 1020, King Canute founded a Benedictine abbey on the site.

Who killed King Edmund of East Anglia?

The story of St Edmund, who ruled East Anglia from AD 855 to 869 and was most likely crowned on Christmas Day, tells of the brave King Edmund who was killed by Danish invaders on 20 November 869 after refusing to denounce his Christianity. A wolf is a central figure of his story.

Where is King Edmund buried?

Abbey of Bury St Edmunds
Abbey Ruins The Abbey of Bury St Edmunds was once among the richest Benedictine monasteries in England, until the Dissolution of the monasteries in 1539. It was a centre of pilgrimage as the burial place of the Anglo-Saxon martyr-king Saint Edmund. The Abbey Ruins can be found in the Abbey Gardens.

Who was king after Edgar?

Edward the Martyr
Edgar (Old English: Ēadgār [ˈæːɑdɡɑːr]; c. 943 – 8 July 975), known as the Peaceful or the Peaceable, was King of the English from 959 until his death in 975….

Edgar the Peaceful
Reign 1 October 959 – 8 July 975
Predecessor Eadwig
Successor Edward the Martyr
Born 943 or 944 England

Was Athelstan illegitimate?

Athelstan was the son of Edward the Elder and grandson of Alfred the Great. He was illegitimate, at the time of his birth, his mother was Egwina the King’s mistress although she later became his queen. He is recorded as never having lost a battle and was called ‘Athelstan the Glorious’.

Who was king after Eadwig?

Eadwig died on 1 October 959 and was buried in the New Minster, Winchester. He was succeeded by his brother Edgar, who reunited the kingdom.

Which king died from a sword up the bum?

Edward II went the way of all deposed kings. Locked up in Berkeley Castle, he was persuaded to abdicate, then never heard of again. Legend has it that he was murdered by having a red-hot poker thrust up his anus.

Who is Edmund in the last kingdom?

Jason Flemyng
Jason Flemyng (born September 25, 1966) is an English actor who portrayed King Edmund in The Last Kingdom.