What were football shirts made of?

What were football shirts made of?

Shirts are normally made of a polyester mesh, which does not trap the sweat and body heat in the same way as a shirt made of a natural fibre.

What is the Colour of the Argentina home kit?

Argentina always have the most stunning kits! So the ‘home’ kit is blue & white AND the ‘away’ kit is blue and white.

When did people start wearing football shirts?

The study found that, by the early 1980s, a small number of fans began to wear replica shirts to matches more regularly – mostly young adults who had grown up with replica kits, and who were wearing large youth sizes.

When were numbers first used on football shirts?

Numbers on football shirts were first worn in professional games in 1928 when Arsenal took on Sheffield Wednesday at Highbury. When first introduced the numbering was simply a 1 to 11 configuration representing the 2-3-5 formation of a players position on the pitch.

Who makes the Argentina soccer jerseys?

The Argentina kits are manufactured by Adidas, who are long-time partners of the national team. However, this has not always been the case. The most famous jersey in the history of Argentina is the one from the 1986 World Cup, which was manufactured by Le Coq Sportif.

What can I print on the back of my Argentina football shirt?

You can also get your favourite iconic player printed on the back of your shirt with our specialised print service! Looking for Argentina shorts and socks to go with your Argentina football shirts?

What color is the away jersey for Argentina?

The Argentina away kit is traditionally dark blue or navy and is worn with matching socks and white shorts. Such is the popularity of Argentina, that fans regularly buy both the home and away jersey.

Which jersey number does Messi wear for Argentina?

Arguably the greatest player of all time, Argentina kits printed with Messi name and number are a huge hit with supporters, whether it is for children, women or adults. Messi wears the number 10 jersey for Argentina, a number made famous by the legendary Diego Maradona.