Whats the difference between HP 301 and hp301xl?

Whats the difference between HP 301 and hp301xl?

The standard capacity HP 301 black cartridge contains 3ml of ink, giving an approximate yield of 190 pages. The high capacity HP 301XL black cartridge contains 8ml of ink, which give a page yield of approximately 480 pages.

How many pages does a HP 301 cartridge print?

Mixed text and graphics

Cartridge1 Average yield2 Ink Volume3
HP 301 Black Ink Cartridge (CH561E)5 190 standard pages (estimated) 3.5 ml
HP 301 Tri-colour Ink Cartridge (CH562E)5 165 standard pages (estimated) 4.0 ml
HP 301XL Black Ink Cartridge (CH563E) 480 standard pages (estimated) 8.5 ml

How to replace or install a HP ink cartridge?

If the product is not already on,press the Power button () to turn it on.

  • Open the ink cartridge door,and then wait for the carriage to move to the center of the product.
  • Press down lightly on the ink cartridge that you want to replace to release it,and then pull it toward you out of its slot.
  • Remove the new ink cartridge from its package.
  • Where can I buy printer ink cartridges?

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    What is HP Instant ink?

    Home printers. Today’s households are busy,and a reliable printer with an HP Instant Ink subscription can help with everything from scanning legal documents to printing homework assignments.

  • Office printers. Enjoy maximum savings and flexibility when you pair a quality printer with a high-volume HP Instant Ink plan.
  • All-family printer.
  • What is a printer cartridge?

    – Laser printer has toner in cartridges. – Inkjet printers has ink in cartridges. – Dot matrix printers has ribbon inside the cartridge. – Label printers has film inside the cartridge.