When did Mark Rinder leave Scientology?

When did Mark Rinder leave Scientology?

From 1982 to 2007, Rinder served on the board of directors of CSI and also held the post of executive director of its Office of Special Affairs, overseeing the corporate, legal and public relations matters of Scientology at the international level. Rinder left Scientology in 2007.

Who is the highest ranking member of Scientology?

After Hubbard’s death, Miscavige assumed the position of head of the Church of Scientology and, according to the organization, “ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion”. Miscavige holds the rank of Captain of the Sea Organization, and is its highest-ranking member.

Which celebrities have left Scientology?

Leah Remini. Remini is best known for embodying the sitcom trope of the hot wife with the buffoonish husband when she starred opposite Kevin James in The King of Queens.

  • Mimi Rogers.
  • Nicole Kidman.
  • Katie Holmes.
  • Christopher Reeve.
  • Paul Haggis.
  • Lisa Marie Presley.
  • Tom Berenger.
  • Jerry Seinfeld.
  • Jeffrey Tambor.
  • Who has left Scientology?

    The Biggest Celebrities Who’ve Left Scientology The controversial Church of Scientology has a reputation for attracting and recruiting celebrity members. Tom Cruise , Elisabeth Moss, and John…

    What are the secrets of Scientology?

    The Secrets of Scientology is a documentary which was broadcast on 28 September 2010 as part of the BBC’s Panorama documentary strand. Presented by John Sweeney, it is a follow-up of his 2007 investigation into the Church of Scientology and features interviews with former high-ranking members of the organisation.

    Who are the celebrity members of Scientology?

    Larry Anderson

  • Jason Beghe
  • Tom Berenger
  • Nazanin Boniadi: Boniadi,who dated Tom Cruise in 2005,was allegedly groomed by the church to be Cruise’s wife.
  • John Brodie
  • William S. Burroughs. Image via Wikipedia.
  • Diana Canova
  • Michael Fairman
  • Neil Gaiman
  • Paul Haggis