When did Mizuno MP 62 come out?

When did Mizuno MP 62 come out?

– Product Details

UK Launch 09 September 2008
USA Launch 09 September 2008
Handicap Range Low ‌‌‌‌ High
Golfer Mens
Hand Availability Left, Right

Are Mizuno mp62 blades?

New for 2009 Season – The MP-62’s ‘dual muscle’ design creates ultimate feel throughout the set. The new MP-62 features a soleplate inspired by Luke Donald’s personal grind, which helps to cut through the turf and produce a pure strike. Mizuno’s MP-62 is essentially a blade.

When did the Mizuno MP 59 come out?

Well maybe not all players but after being able to play and test these irons, there is no doubt the MP-59’s are one of the best sets of irons of 2012. Players that appreciate a muscleback can easily transition into these clubs because of the sole design and clean topline.

Are JPX 921 forged forgiving?

As far as these 921s go, they are forgiving, to a point. There are clubs out there that are more forgiving for sure. The Mizuno JPX 921 forged offers a nice blend of forgiveness, but they won’t hold your hand like a game improvement iron would.

Are Mizuno mp64 forged?

As we’ve come to expect from Mizuno MP-series irons, the MP-64s offer a no frill design that is pure class. One little detail that is a bit different for Mizuno is that their running bird logo is actually forged into the cavity. Mizuno will tell you that it illustrates the precision of their forging process.

Are MP 64 irons forgiving?

The MP-64’s will certainly tick a lot of boxes for the better player. The clubs have a very shallow cavity so they do offer a touch of forgiveness – but the main point of these irons is to deliver exceptional feel and more feedback.

What year did Mizuno MP 30 come out?

Mizuno Iron Models

1990 2004
TP Original MP-30 MP-30 2003 – 2005 See image
T-10 TP-10 1990 – 1994 See image MP-37 MP-37 2004 – 2006 See image
TP-11 TP-11 1990 – 1994 See image
TP-9 TP-9 1990 – 1997 See image MX-23 MX-23 2004-2006 See image

How is the Mizuno mp-62 different from the mp-32?

Unlike a simple muscleback blade where the muscle section is straight across the back, the muscleback on the MP-62 is separated across both the cavity and the perimeter. Unlike many of the recent Mizuno irons, there is no sign of the cut-muscle technology that made the MP-32 so stunning.

Are Mizuno Irons any good?

Ask any serious golfer what they think of Mizuno irons and you will more than likely get some variation of this: ‘Top quality forged irons with buttery soft feel’. In the years before big money contracts, Mizuno dominated the major Tours in iron usage with its MP range of irons.

Are Mizuno’s jpx-900 Tour Irons the best for players?

Great mix of buttery feel and forgiveness.” Overall, the Mizuno JPX-900 Tour irons earned nearly 15 percent of votes on the Players iron category, giving them top billing for players irons.

What is the best Mizuno muscleback blade?

The MP-14, MP-29 and MP-33 are all rightly heralded as classic muscleback blades and the more recent award winning MP-32 with its cut muscle technology has proved a huge success. Mizuno say that they only release new equipment when they are happy that they have something that is an improvement on its predecessor.