When was the last flood in Owego NY?

When was the last flood in Owego NY?

This was the flood level of the severe snowmelt flood of January 20, 1996. Moderate flood stage. A portion of Route 17C west of Owego is threatened by flood waters….Susquehanna River at Owego, NY (OWGN6)

Record Crest: 39.62 ft
815.4 39.3
806.1 30.0
Near Flooding Begins
805.1 29.0

What caused the floods in Binghamton in 2011?

The heavy rain caused massive, record breaking flooding on small streams, creeks and the Susquehanna River and its larger tributaries. The main branch of the Susquehanna River in New York from Binghamton to Vestal, Owego and Waverly crested from 1 to 4 feet higher than the previous record crests set in June 2006.

When was the flood in Binghamton NY?

Log In Using Your Account Flooding along the Susquehanna and Chenango rivers in Binghamton, NY, devastated the community in 2011. In all, 229 homes were destroyed and another 9,000 damaged.

Was there ever a flood in NY?

Record rainfall prompted the warning of “a severe threat to human life.” As the rain kept pouring and the puddles became floods, a flash flood emergency was issued for New York City for the first time.

What flood was in 2011?

Mississippi River flood
Mississippi River flood of 2011, flooding of the Mississippi River valley in the central United States from late April to May 2011 on a scale not seen since the floods of 1927 and 1937.

What caused the floods in Binghamton in 2006?

From June 26 through June 28 2006, the combination of tropical moisture and a stalled cold front produced flash flooding and river flooding across portions of the Upper Susquehanna, Delaware and Chenango River Basins of central New York and northeast Pennsylvania.

Does the Chenango River flood?

Flood stage. Flooding of lowlands near the river occurs in the Towns of Chenango and Fenton. The Chenango Bridge Sports Park begins to flood….Flood Categories (in feet)

Major Flood Stage: 14
Action Stage: 8
Low Stage (in feet): -9999

When was the biggest flood in New York?

A major flood event occurred on January 19-20, 1996, as a result of rapid meltdown of snowpack along with 2-4 inches of rain. Record flooding occurred on Schoharie Creek as well as significant flooding on Mohawk River at Schenectady and on the Hudson at Albany (15.5 feet – greatest flood peak since New Year’s 1949).

What states did the Mississippi river flood?

The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 was the most destructive flood in United States history. This flood extended across Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. At one point the river was approximately 80 miles wide near Vicksburg, MS.