When were Georges Briard glasses made?

When were Georges Briard glasses made?

I am particularly interested in the designs Briard created in the 1960s. His Firenze pattern features the look of stained-glass designs, while his butterfly pattern on clear glass is stunning. But Briard was very much an across-the-eras designer.

What is Culver glassware?

(commonly known as Culver Glass) is an American glass manufacturer. The company produced over 75 glassware patterns, but is best known for its mid-century designs. Most of its glassware patterns featured 22k gold gild. The Culver signature appeared on most of its mid-century designs.

Who is Fred press?

Fred Press was a world-renowned Mid-Century designer of cocktail glassware and barware who revolutionized the giftware industry on New York’s Fifth Avenue. His deigns were well known for using 22 and 24-karat gold with intricate design details.

Where is Georges Briard made?

Vintage George Briard “Yule Tide” Creamer Christmas Made In Japan Porcelain.

Is Culver glass still in business?

In 2018 the Culver glass company was back in business and now run by Moderne Glass Company. The original company signed their glasses from 1930 until 1970 with Culver, LTD in the script.

Is all Culver Glass signed?

Not all pieces are “signed” with the Culver. I’ve observed that pieces from the 1950s and/or ’60s seem more likely to be signed, whereas more recent pieces were marked mostly with the paper labels, if not marked with more modern copyright signatures.

Are Dorothy Thorpe glasses marked?

Her glassware was typically signed with a large “T” and a smaller “D” and “C”. This logo was often sandblasted into the base of her stemware pieces. When buying vintage Thorpe glassware, the Thorpe logo also can be found on stickers that marked her pieces at the time.

Are all Culver glasses marked?

Where is Culver glassware made?

“Culver Glassware was founded in Brooklyn, NY (as most good things are:)) in the 1930’s… later on they moved to beautiful downtown Rahway, New Jersey:) Known for lavish designs and the use of 22 and 24 Karat Gold over those designs, they gained notoriety and became highly collectible.

How do I identify Dorothy Thorpe glasses?

How do you authenticate Dorothy Thorpe glassware?

While some of Thorpe’s glassware pieces are signed with a large “T” and a smaller “D”, many of her pieces found today do not carry her signature or her original logo sticker on them. Her sandblasted pieces are undeniably Thorpe as most, if not all, have her trademark signature.