Where are intercalated cells located in the kidney?

Where are intercalated cells located in the kidney?

Type A intercalated cells are present in the late distal convoluted tubule, the connecting segment, cortical and outer medullary collecting duct, and, in some reports, the early part of the inner medullary collecting duct.

Where are alpha and beta intercalated cells located?

The intercalated cell of collecting ducts of the kidney is of two forms, the α form secretes acid, whereas the β form secretes HCO3.

What are intercalated cells kidney?

Intercalated cells are kidney tubule epithelial cells with important roles in the regulation of acid-base homeostasis. These cells appear in the late distal convoluted tubule or in the connecting segment, depending on the species.

What do alpha intercalated cells do?

the α-intercalated cell (IC) of the collecting duct (CD) is critical for renal acid secretion and helps maintain acid-base balance.

What are principal cells and intercalated cells?

Principal cells are the main Na+ reabsorbing cells and the site of action of aldosterone, K+-sparing diuretics, and spironolactone. Type A intercalated cells mediate acid secretion and bicarbonate reabsorption. Type B intercalated cells mediate bicarbonate secretion and acid reabsorption.

What are Type A intercalated cells?

Type A intercalated cells secrete protons via an apical H – ATPase and reabsorb bicarbonate by a band 3-like Cl /HCO3 exchanger, AE1, located in the basolateral plasma membrane. They express H -ATPase in the basolateral plasma membrane and in vesicles throughout the cytoplasm.

What stimulates alpha intercalated?

The signal cascade that activates exocytosis in α-intercalated cells is initiated by a fall in cell pH and rise in cell calcium. Recent evidence also points to a role for HCO3–sensitive, soluble adenylate cyclase in the signal cascade.

What causes intercalated discs?

Structure. Intercalated discs are complex structures that connect adjacent cardiac muscle cells. The three types of cell junction recognised as making up an intercalated disc are desmosomes, fascia adherens junctions, and adherens junctions.

What’s the function of intercalated discs?

muscle cells, unique junctions called intercalated discs (gap junctions) link the cells together and define their borders. Intercalated discs are the major portal for cardiac cell-to-cell communication, which is required for coordinated muscle contraction and maintenance of circulation.

Where is collecting duct located?

The collecting ducts extend from the connecting segment in the cortex through the outer and the inner medulla to the tip of the papilla, and can arbitrarily be subdivided into three regions based on their location in the kidney.

What is the difference between principal cells and intercalated cells?

Where are principal cells kidney?

The principal cell is one of two major epithelial cell types in what is often referred to as the aldosterone-sensitive distal nephron, comprising the connecting segment through the collecting duct.