Where can I find XZAR?

Where can I find XZAR?

Recruitment. Xzar is available during Chapter One and Two. In Candlekeep Coastway area, you will find him with Montaron along the path. Invite them to join, then agree to travel with them to Nashkel Mines.

Where does Khalid go in Baldur’s Gate?

Along with Jaheira, Khalid can be found at the beginning of Chapter One in the Friendly Amn Inn. He and Jaheira will disappear from the game-world forever unless they are recruited before Chapter Two (arrival in Nashkel). Khalid is part of the canon party, but is found dead in BG2.

Where does Xan go Baldur’s Gate?

the Nashkel Mines
He is found in the makeshift throne room in the Nashkel Mines and will ask to help the party defeat Mulahey. Note that he will leave permanently if you turn him down, but if his offer is accepted he can be released from the party and he will remain where he is until recruited again.

Will Minsc be in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Minsc is a potential Companion in Baldur’s Gate 3. Companions assist the player by joining his/her party and have their own backstories and unique characteristics. They all have their own Classes and starting equipment.

What class is Khalid?

PNS Khalid

Class and type Agosta 90Bravo/ Khalid-class submarine
Displacement 1,570 long tons (1,595 t) (Surface) 2,050 long tons (2,083 t) (Submerged)
Length 249.4 ft (76.0 m)

Where is Khalid in Bridgefort?

Khalid. Location: Bridgefort in Boareskyr Bridge (M11,12).

What is the Xzar and Montaron quest?

Xzar and Montaron is a quest in Baldur’s Gate. The two invite Gorion’s Ward to accompany them south to Nashkel . Xzar and Montaron wish me to travel to Nashkel. Note: Tarrying too long with reaching Nashkel will let Xzar and Montaron leave the party!

What happens when you invite Montaron and Xzar to your party?

If you invite Montaron and Xzar into your party, they will insist on going to Nashkel as soon as possible. They agree to a quick detour to the Friendly Arm Inn area, but will become increasingly agitated as time passes if you do not go there. They will eventually leave the party if you stray too far from their goal for too long.

Where can I find rylock and Xzar?

Xzar, a companion from Baldur’s Gate will approach you and ask you to free Montaron, his fellow companion from the Harpers. Rylock, the doorman in front of the Harper building, can be found southwest in the dock district. He will ask you to kill some evil creatures in Prebek’s house before he will allow you to enter the building.