Where does Cher get robbed in Clueless?

Where does Cher get robbed in Clueless?

Circus Liquor
On their way home, Elton makes a pass at Cher, and she gets out of the car at Circus Liquor, where she’s promptly robbed (and forced to ruin her totally important Alaia dress).

Does Cher get mugged in Clueless?

One of the most famous lines in “Clueless” is, “You don’t understand. This is an Alaïa!” In the scene, Cher is being robbed at gunpoint, but when she is told by the mugger to get on the ground she protests because she doesn’t want to ruin her designer outfit.

Is Josh related to Cher in Clueless?

Josh is the son of Mel’s ex-wife, and thus Cher’s former step-brother. Although he often teases Cher, he ultimately feels compassion for her, as shown when he defends her following her blunder with her father’s legal papers.

Did Alicia and Paul Rudd date?

Considering the mass appeal, it is unimaginable that some networks wouldn’t back Clueless because of the relationship between Rudd and Silverstone. In the movie, the two were ex-step siblings and networks like Fox thought it was “wrong” to have that relationship occur.

Which mall did they film Clueless at?

Westfield Fashion Square
All of the interior mall scenes in Clueless were shot in the Valley at Westfield Fashion Square. The mall’s former Contempo Casuals space (now occupied by Wet Seal) was utilized twice in the movie.

Do Cher and Josh have the same dad?

Not only do they have different parents, but Josh is older than Cher, with him going to college while she’s going to high school. By the end of the movie, they’re together and happy.

Who said no way in a movie?

In a 2020 Discover Card commercial, a clip from the film was featured which consisted of Cher Horowitz saying her famous phrase “Uh uh, no way”.

Is the Clueless house for sale?

Own a piece of chick flick history: The party house from Clueless where Tai and Elton sing ‘rollin’ with my homies’ goes on sale. The party house in the Valley in 1995 film Clueless has gone on sale for $825,000. The Grenada Hills property, which was listed on The Kate Christiansen Group.

What age is Alicia Silverstone?

45 years (October 4, 1976)Alicia Silverstone / Age