Where is Adriana Diaz CBS?

Where is Adriana Diaz CBS?

Diaz is a CBS News national correspondent based in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Where is Adriana Diaz now?

In 2017 Diaz moved back to Chicago, where she married and still lives with her husband. After nearly a year of covering the pandemic, including entering hospital Covid units and covering Covid’s disproportionate impact on minorities, last year Diaz was named the anchor for CBS’s Saturday national evening broadcast.

Where is Reena Ninan now?

Reena Ninan (born April 18, 1979) is an American television journalist, most recently working for CBS News, based in New York City.

Where is CBS Elaine Quijano?

New York City
At CBS News, Quijano is based in New York City. She has covered Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, and the 2014 World Cup. Quijano is an anchor for CBSN, the digital streaming network for CBS.

Is Adriana Diaz in a sorority?

Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority, Inc.

Who is Adriana Diaz husband?

While we’re all currently social-distancing and committed to mask wearing, this wedding took place in the months before the coronavirus pandemic began. We hope it will bring some joy to your reading list. Adriana Diaz and Bryan Smith were set up by their older siblings.

How many languages does Adriana Diaz speak?

Her family is from the Dominican Republic, and she speaks Spanish, French and Mandarin. Diaz lives in Chicago with her husband Bryan and dog Lava.

Is Adriana Diaz on CBS pregnant?

Yes, Adriana Diaz is pregnant for few months. She can be seen flaunting her baby bump on her Instagram. She is married for about two years. She had announced her pregnancy in March.

Where was Elaine Quijano born?

Chicago, ILElaine Quijano / Place of birth

Is Adriana Diaz CBS pregnant?

What does Adriana Diaz do for CBS?

Adriana Diaz CBS News Adriana Diaz is a CBS News national correspondent based in Chicago and anchor of the Saturday edition of the “CBS Weekend News,” which broadcasts from CBS News’ Chicago Bureau located in the CBS owned-and-operated station WBBM-TV. Diaz joined the network in 2012.

Who is Adriana Diaz’s husband?

Fans of CBS News have noticed host and journalist Adriana Diaz is pregnant. Congratulations! However, many people are now wondering about Diaz’s husband, Dr Bryan Smith. We let you know all about her career, relationship and their new baby news. Adriana Diaz is a digital journalist and news anchor who works for CBS.

What happened to CBS correspondent Mariana Diaz?

As a CBS Newspath correspondent, Diaz covered Pope Francis’ visits to Brazil in 2013, Israel and Palestine in 2014, Cuba in 2015, and Mexico in 2016. She was part of the first team dispatched to Havana for the normalization of relations with the U.S. in December 2014 and covered the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

Who are the new anchors on CBS Weekend News?

National correspondents Jericka Duncan and Adriana Diaz, who is based in Chicago, will take over as anchors of “CBS Weekend News,” the ViacomCBS unit said Friday, setting in place a more formalized structure for the weekend evening-news broadcast after its logistics were disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.