Where is Milgard corporate headquarters?

Where is Milgard corporate headquarters?

Tacoma, WAMilgard Manufacturing / Headquarters

How do I contact Milgard windows?

If you prefer to speak with us directly, please call 1.800. MILGARD (1.800. 645.4273). If you need to request service, please submit an online service request form that goes directly to our customer care team.

Who started milgard Windows?

Maurice Milgard, Jr.
In 1958, Maurice Milgard, Jr. and his son Gary started Milgard Glass Company in a small building in Tacoma, Washington.

Are milgard windows repairable?

According to Milgard Certified Dealers, the Milgard Full Lifetime Limited Warranty for their windows provides repairs or replacements for any windows that are defective. Under the warranty, the full cost of any repair or replacement due to a defective product is covered completely.

Is Milgard a Canadian company?

Designed & Assembled in the U.S.A. Our windows and patio doors are designed and assembled in the U.S.A. and built to last.

How much did Masco pay for Milgard?

Masco Corporation, the home improvement and building products manufacturing giant, has entered into a definitive agreement to sell its Milgard Windows and Doors brand to MI Windows and Doors for approximately $725 million.

What is Milgard?

Milgard is a vertically integrated window and patio door manufacturer. We make our own insulated glass units. We produce our own vinyl components. We make our own fiberglass frames. The Milgard vinyl plant, located in Tacoma, began extruding quality frame material in 1988.

Where are Milgard Windows made?

The Milgard vinyl plant, located in Tacoma, began extruding quality frame material in 1988. To ensure top quality from sta…… My windows are hard to open and close, have greased the sliders, etc., nothing helps.

Is your Milgard house still torn apart?

Our house is still torn apart after work had begun mid July. We are about to enter into September, and Milgard has struggled to deliver on doors and a window to replace initially defective ones in our home.

Should I buy a Milgard door?

Absolutely do not buy Milgard. Save yourself the nightmare, read the reviews and run to another company. I ordered a $12k door, it was delayed for months, finally set for Delivery in Nov, then delayed until Dec 12th, then again to Dec 23. It finally arrived damaged all over, paint scratched to the metal, bent in several areas, damaged hinge.