Where is the cliff jumping at Killbear?

Where is the cliff jumping at Killbear?

Harold Point
One of the most unique and exhilarating activities at Killbear is cliff jumping at Harold Point . Please note this activity is not encouraged by park staff.

What makes Killbear Provincial Park special?

Many of Killbear’s visitors today are members of families who have been camping in the park since it opened. It is a place that makes you want to come back. Killbear Provincial Park is working hard to protect its ecological integrity, so that what makes this place special will be there for the visitors to come.

What is the best site at Killbear?

The most sought after, or “best” Killbear campsites, according to most visitors are those on the Beaver Dams campground close to both the water and Sunset Rock where the Killbear Tree is located.

Are there bears in Killbear park?

Black Bears are a fact of life at Killbear Provincial Park. For most park visitors, seeing a bear is an exciting experience. However, if they’ve had luck finding food at campsites, some bears lose their fear and start visiting campsites looking for food left out by people.

Is there WIFI at Killbear?

There is a visitor centre at killbear that provides wifi though you have to pay for it. There are also some electrical campsites that you can book.

Is Killbear open for day use?

Killbear is open from June 25 until the last weekend of October. During this time all visitors must have either a Camping Permit, or a Day Use or Seasons Pass (available for purchase at the park offices). To reserve a campsite click www.ontarioparks.com or phone 1 888 668 7275. Killbear in winter.

Are the showers open at Killbear Provincial Park?

During the closed season (November until early May) visitors are allowed to park at the main office for free and go for a hike, bike, ski or snowshoe. The bathrooms at the main office are open year round. Please note that dogs must be on leash at all times in the park, even when the park is closed.

Where is the tree in Killbear?

Sunset Rocks/The Tree: Possibly the most photographed tree in Canada, this windswept pine is located near campsite 320 in Beaver Dams campground. It shows the effects of dealing with decades of west winds off of Georgian Bay.

Does Killbear have WIFI?

Are there snakes in Killbear park?

The Massasauga rattlesnakes of Killbear Provincial Park are part of what makes this place special and unique. As Ontario’s only venomous snake, this snake deserves our respect. Rattlesnakes hunt for small rodents like shrews, mice and voles around Killbear’s wetland areas.

What lake is Killbear on?

Killbear Provincial Park is a provincial park located on Georgian Bay in the Parry Sound District of Ontario, near the town of Nobel. Killbear combines sandy beaches typical of the Great Lakes with the rock ridges and pines of the Canadian Shield….

Killbear Provincial Park
Governing body Ontario Parks

Where is Killbear?

Killbear Provincial Park
If you’re from Ontario, you’re probably aware of the Killbear Tree, which is considered to be one of the most photographed trees in Ontario. Located in Killbear Provincial Park, the tree is known for its windswept look and is considered the top tourist destination for the park.

Is Killbear a good place to Camp?

Killbear is one of Ontario’s best parks for summer camping. The park is loaded with beaches and great hiking opportunities. And, yes, you can even try cliff jumping, plunging 10 meters into the waters of Georgian Bay. Where is Killbear Provincial Park? Best Campsites at Killbear? Are groceries available at Killbear? What is in the Visitor Centre?

How do I get Started on the Killbear hike?

To get your blood pumping we suggest starting off with one of the hiking trails. Killbear offers three hiking trailsalong with a 6km hiking/biking trail. The trails range in length from 1km to 3.5 km and offer breathtaking scenery and wildlife spotting.

How long are the trails at Killbear Provincial Park?

There are several hiking trails to choose from at Killbear, varying in length from 800 metres to 6 kilometres. None of them are considered technically challenging. Vehicle parking is available at each trailhead. This map was created by a user. Learn how to create your own. Here are basic details about the 4 trails at Killbear Provincial Park.

Where can I find a big cliff jump in Canada?

Killbear is a provincial park west of parry sound. All of the jumps here that I know of are at Harold point. The biggest they get is about 33′, i have heard of some in the range of 60 – 80′: I dont know if this is another spot or just ridiculous overestimation of the cliff size.