Which consultant is best for job?

Which consultant is best for job?

Here are the top 10 job placement consultants in India through whom candidates can find the right employment opportunity:

  • ABC Job placement consultants.
  • Manpower Job Placement Consultants.
  • Kelly Services India.
  • Ma Foi Randstad Placement Consultants.
  • Team Lease.

Which is the best consulting firm in Gurgaon?

Top Consultant in Gurgaon 1 Gaur Consultancy & Services. 2 Thoughts Zone Consulting, Our dedicated team of professionals from varied industries with vast technical and managerial experience offering recruitment solution and selection services. 3 UNIVERSAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS. 4 “ProtaTECH Intelligence Manpower Pvt.

Which is the best job consultant in Delhi?

Started in year 2011 in Delhi, SLA is a leading job consultants in Delhi offering complete HR solution which includes consulting, payroll, outsourcing, training and job search. The placement agency is providing recruitment solution to IT, Automobile, energy, FMCG, healthcare and telecommunication industry.

Which is the best placement consultant in Hyderabad?

Exelon Consulting is a well-known Placement Consultant that is located in Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh). If you are in search of a good job in any sector, then you can avail excellent Placement Consultancy services from us. Get your dream job by….

Where can I find Indian labour consultant in Gurgaon?

Top Consultant in Gurgaon Indianlabours.com envisions the prosperity and welfare of all the employers and the employees. Click here for details… Address – AAR DEE CITY, C63/B, Ground Floor, Sec – 52 Gurgaon, Harayana Phone- 783 888 97 01 / 2/ 3/ 4. / 5 / 6/ 7

Do job consultants charge money?

Advocate Samyak Raj. There is nothing illegal about it. The recruitment agency is providing you a service for which they are charging you a service fee. Ultimately, it is upto you if you want their service or not which is a separate contract between you and the consultant.

How much do recruitment agencies charge in India?

The standard recruiting fee for agencies is between 15% and 20% of the first-year salary for a permanent job the recruiter is filling. Some agencies may charge as much as 25% for hard-to-fill roles.

What is a placement consultant?

Your placement consultant They receive ongoing coaching and attend workshops to ensure their knowledge is current and up to date. These beliefs are what attracts consultants to the industry and what drives them to help you achieve your potential.

Is consultancy legal in India?

There are no provisions under national law that impose any specific duties on consultants.

How do I get a career in recruitment?

6 How to become a recruiter steps

  1. Earn a degree. Earning an undergraduate degree is not mandatory.
  2. Possess recruiter skills.
  3. Get relevant work experience.
  4. Obtain certifications.
  5. Go through recruitment training.
  6. Apply to recruitment positions.

Should I trust job recruiters?

Generally speaking, most recruiters are moral and trustworthy. But everyone uses a few tricks to improve their chances of inking contracts with clients and making money. Here are a few that you should look out for, as well as a piece of general advice for when you should enlist the help of a recruiter.