Which fruit gives the most power electricity?

Which fruit gives the most power electricity?

The lemon did generate the most electricity. The more acidic a fruit is, the more electricity it can generate. The lemon is the most acidic of all the fruits used.

How much current does a lemon battery produce?

The average lemon output is . 9 volts at . 00024 amps — or about . 000216 watt.

How do you measure electricity in fruit?

Using a multimeter is the best way to test and compare each fruit and vegetable. Place one copper electrode and one zinc electrode into the fruit or vegetable. Begin testing with the electrodes placed at opposite ends as far apart as possible.

Which fruit has the highest voltage?

The RSC team used 2,923 lemons to generate an astonishing 2,307.8 volts, which smashed the previous world record of 1,521 volts, and subsequently launching a battery-powered go-kart race run by the Blair Project in Manchester.

Can banana produce electricity?

The device, called the Gedang (Javanese for banana), generates about 5 volts of electricity from the anaerobic bacteria in banana skins. “Experiments showed that banana skin can generate more electricity than other fruits.”

How many volts does a banana have?

The high were mandarin 2.18v, potato 1.72v, white onion 1.76v, ruby grapefruit 1.44v, avocado 2.33v, bok choy 2.03v, fuji apple 1.41v, banana 1.88v, and ginger 3.1v.

How many volts can 4 lemons produce?

3.50 volts
Four lemon batteries create a voltage of 3.50 volts. We should be able to light up a small device like an LED (Light Emitting Diode). Note the connecting wires go from “+” to “-” on each battery.

Why does a potato produce more electricity than a lemon?

A potato delivers a higher power (more Watts) than a lemon in both parallel and series circuits. This means the potato is a better battery than the lemon.

How much voltage does an apple produce?

Everything you wanted to know about charging your iPhone or iPad

Source Voltage Current
PC USB 5 volts 0.5 amps
iPhone Charger 5 volts 1.0 amps
iPad Charger 5.1 volts 2.1 amps

How do you test the voltage of a fruit?

Turn on the voltmeter. Connect the red lead to the copper wire and connect the black lead to the nail. Write down the voltage displayed on the voltmeter. Repeat the experiment with a different fruit and collect the results of each fruit in a chart.

How do you calculate the average current produced by a fruit?

Calculate the average current produced by adding the values from the three independent results and dividing the sum by three for each fruit. Record the data in a table similar to the one shown. Using the data in the table, plot a bar graph with name of fruit along the x-axis and current along the y-axis.

What is a fruit battery?

Fruits battery comprises of the combination of different materials which are the copper penny (coin), galvanized nail, multimeter, alligator clips, connecting wires and light emitting diode (LED) bulb, by which all connected together make up the fruit battery used to light up a LED bulb.

How do you plot a fruit cell graph?

Using the data in the table, plot a bar graph with name of fruit along the x-axis and current along the y-axis. If the LED does not light up, connect several fruit cells together attaching copper to zinc on each fruit.

Which fruit generates the highest voltage?

In a nutshell, apple generated the highest voltage out of all the fruits testedthe higher the acidity and size of , the fruit, the higher the voltage, , the far apart the electrodes inserted into the fruits, the higher thealso voltage using copper and zinc as the best electrode over copper and steel or steel and zinc electrode.