Which is better Triton or Hilux?

Which is better Triton or Hilux?

Conclusion – The Triton Athlete is the better pick Although the Hilux makes more power than the Triton, it’s 2.8-litre turbodiesel carries with it a heftier annual road tax, coming in at RM 1,248. The Triton, on the other hand, has an annual road tax of RM 793, RM 455 less.

What problems does the Mitsubishi Triton have?

Some issues you may experience

  • Steering wheel vibrations. Let us start with vibrations in the steering wheel.
  • Die while idling. As a Triton owner, you may also experience that the vehicle just dies while idling.
  • Gear changing difficulty. Any problems changing gears?
  • Loss in power.
  • Turbo lagging.

Is the Triton a good ute?

What stands out? The Mitsubishi Triton feels nearly as refined as a good SUV, and for a ute it is easy to drive in town. Its diesel engine is modern and easy on fuel, and all Tritons are strong on safety, with autonomous emergency braking standard in most Double Cab versions.

What is the difference between Toyota Hilux and Mitsubishi Triton?

Comparing the technical specifications, Toyota Hilux engine displacement is 2393 cc while the Mitsubishi Triton houses a 2477 cc engine. The Mitsubishi Triton is an affordable pickup with convincing features. However, the power of the cower is less as compared to its rivals.

Is Mitsubishi’s Triton a premium Ute?

So we recently spent a working week in Mitsubishi’s stylish premium-grade Triton to see how it measures up in the premium ute market. There’s plenty to be said for the new-generation Toyota HiLux, and while a lot of customers will be shopping for the top-of-the-range variants, there’s plenty of value to be found in the work-focused Workmate models.

Is the Toyota Triton a good car?

The Triton’s cabin is also quieter than many sedans on the highway. The latter is aided by the lightweight and quiet running aluminum block engine. Even the rear seats are nicely slanted, courtesy of the Triton’s signature J-line body curve.

How much does a Toyota Hilux cost?

A 2.7-litre manual, petrol, RWD WorkMate Toyota HiLux will cost you over $2k more, with a driveaway price of $27,027, unless it’s on offer, as it was in May 2019, for $22,990. Car reviewers said the Triton sets a benchmark for value.