Who are the characters in Floodland?

Who are the characters in Floodland?

There Zoe meets some predictable characters, such as the mad seer, William Blake; the corrupt leader, Doobie, with an Achilles heel (he can’t swim); and the tough boy with a soft interior, Munchkin.

Is Floodland a movie?

‘Floodland’ New thriller series – Eyeworks Film & TV Drama.

What happens in Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick?

A gripping, prizewinning novel about a girl surviving in a devastated world. Imagine that a few years from now England is covered by water, and Norwich is an island. Zoe, left behind in the confusion when her parents escaped, survives there as best she can.

Where is floodlands filmed?

Floodland is a Belgium-Netherlands co-production set in modern day Flanders-Zeeland, the borderland region between the two countries either side of the Scheldt river.

How many episodes of Walter presents floodlands?

Episodes (8) A Belgian psychiatrist tends to a mysterious and traumatized girl.

Where was Floodland filmed?

The mudflats of the River Scheldt, which flows along the border between Belgium and the Netherlands, provide a unique and eye-catching landscape that serves as the backdrop for Flemish thriller Grenslanders (Floodland).

What happened to Zoe in Floodland?

However Zoe is a gutsy little girl and survives long enough to find her boat, make an ally and to escape in the middle of a battle and continue off to find her parents. FLOODLAND is unrelentingly miserable and dark with a lot of unanswered questions.

Should Zoe trust the Eels in Floodland?

First of all, Floodland is a really good book and the main characters are Zoe, Dooby, Spat and Muchkin. It all started when there was a flood in Norwich and Zoe had to use her boat to get across to the other side and a gang what chasing her, which was the Eels (Dooby, Spat and Munchkin) the Eels wanting Zoe in their Gang. Should Zoe Trust them.

What is Floodland about?

Floodland is an interesting story about a young girl called Zoe who lives on a deserted island, Norwich. Norwich is deserted because of high sea levels. Zoe’s parents left on a supply ship without realising Zoe was still on the island.

Is Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick a good book?

Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick was recommended by Bart’s Bookshelf. While it was not as intense as most young adult dystopian novels, it was still an enjoyable read. It was easy to identify with ten-year-old Zoe’s desperation.