Who has won the European Cup the most?

Who has won the European Cup the most?

Real Madrid
Real Madrid are by far the most successful team in European Cup history, having taken home the prestigious trophy a total of 13 times. Los Blancos’ closest rivals in terms of titles are AC Milan, who have won the Champions League seven times, most recently in 2007 against Liverpool.

How many English teams have won the European Cup Winners Cup?

14 European
England have won 14 European Cup/Champions League titles in total, with Liverpool leading the way with six triumphs. Man Utd have three, Chelsea and Nottingham Forest have two, while Aston Villa have won it once.

Who is the most successful football club of all time?

1. Al Ahly – Egypt – 118 trophies. The most decorated club in the world, if trophy count is what should be believed, are Egypt’s Al Ahly. Known as “The Club of the Century” in African football, Al Ahly were founded in 1907 and have been perennial winners since day one.

When did European Cup Winners start?

August 1, 1960UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup / First event date

Who has won the most European Cups?

Real Madrid – 19. No other club even comes close to Real Madrid when it comes to European Cup/Champions League successes.

  • Barcelona – 17. Barcelona didn’t actually win their first European Cup until as late as 1992.
  • AC Milan – 14.
  • Liverpool – 13.
  • Juventus – 8.
  • Atletico Madrid – 7.
  • Valencia – 6.
  • Anderlecht – 5.
  • Parma – 4.
  • Dynamo Kyiv – 3.
  • Who has won the most winners medals in European Cup?

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    Which player has won the most European Cups?

    The most successful player in the history of European continental club football, Gento was the captain of Los Blancos in 1966 after playing for the club that won the first five European Cups. Paolo Maldini won two European Cups and three Champions League trophies.

    Who are the winners of the European Cup?

    – Superior goal difference – Higher number of goals scored – Higher number of goals scored away from home – Fair play conduct.