Who is Elena Gant from Little Women La?

Who is Elena Gant from Little Women La?

Elena Gant is best known for her appearance on Lifetime’s Little Women: LA, but she also keeps herself busy when she’s not filming for the hit show. Elena was only one who was an outsider when she was offered the reality TV part. The other women—Terra Joel, Briana Manson, Tonya Renee Banks, and the rest of the cast knew each other from before.

What happened to Elena’s family on Little Women?

But unfortunately, Elena’s family could not be there. She went through a long separation from her sister especially, as Olga’s visa was rejected. But later, the couple decided to renew their vows with the whole family present, and the wedding was showcased on Little Women: LA back in 2015.

Who is Elena elegant?

According to IMDB, Elena has appeared in her husband Preston’s produced movie Bloodsucka vs The Creeping Death. She has also gained some followers on her YouTube channel titled EleGant Life, and today she has over 181k subscribers on the video-sharing website!

Is Elena Gant pregnant with her third child?

LITTLE Women: LA star Elena Gant is pregnant with her third child. However, one of her little sons seemed less excited by the news as he adorably told his parents, ‘no thank you’ to the idea of becoming a big brother.

Elena is also a proud mother of twin sons Kairo and Xavier with her husband, Preston Gant. Here is all you need to know about Elena. Elena Gant certainly stands out amongst the rest of the little persons on “Little Women: LA,” and it all comes down to how well she carries herself and goes about all her activities.

How did Elena’s pregnancy change because of her dwarfism?

In women who have dwarfism, pregnancy often poses grave challenges, and the babies are always delivered through C-section due to the shape of the mother’s pelvis. Loading… Elena revealed her pregnancy was relatively easy for the most part until she found out she had preeclampsia.