Who is Ian MacArthur?

Who is Ian MacArthur?

Ian MacArthur (17 May 1925 – 30 November 2007) was a British Conservative Party politician who served as Member of Parliament for Perth and East Perthshire from 1959 until 1974.

What is Iain MacArthur known for?

Iain Macarthur is a Artist / illustrator based in London, known for his mixture of intricate patterns and wildlife elements. Working with black and white and sometime colour he likes to experiment with depth and surrealism to transform his work into something thats bizarre and elegant for people to get lost in.

How did Iain MacArthur get his work noticed?

And then eventually I got noticed by an agency in London, I think it was six years ago, something like that. And since then, I discovered that I was getting bigger jobs. I did jobs for Pepsi and alcohol companies, et cetera. So yeah, I’ve definitely evolved since then and gotten better at what I do.

Who has Iain MacArthur worked with?

Iain’s work has the flourish of fine art but with a striking commercial appeal, winning him accolades with clients across advertising, branding and packaging design, such as Pepsi, Johnnie Walker, Kopparberg, Jet Coffee, Bafta and Nike.

Is Ian MacArthur leaving Chfi?

Ian “The General” MacArthur is leaving 98.1 CHFI Toronto after 34 years. MacArthur has been a Senior Producer and On-Air Contributor with the station since his start as an intern in 1987.

Is Iain MacArthur still alive?

Deceased (1925–2007)Ian MacArthur / Living or Deceased

What technique does Iain Macarthur use?

Using mostly pencil, watercolours and pigment pens, I create portraits of ordinary people but create them in a unusual way by, embellishing patterns and watercolour effects into the portrait to give a vivid explosion effect—transforming their faces from something plain to something entirely bizarre and wonderful at the …

Is Iain Macarthur still alive?

What is Iain Macarthur obsessed with drawing?

Iain Macarthur from England is a fanatic of art since the age of eight when he was first introduced to art through the medium of cartoon television shows and comic books. Ever since then he has been obsessed with art, drawing odd fantasy drawings and Anime characters.

Who is Alex Konahin?

Alex Konahin is a self-taught graphic artist, born in 1981 in Goulkevitchi, Russia. He lives and works in Riga, Lithuania. Well known internationally since 2012, especially due to internet, he has been working for famous organizations like Hachette, Amnesty International not to mention Penguin Random House.

Why is Darren not on CHFI?

Darren got the opportunity to host CHIFI’s morning show after Erin Davis announced she would be retiring from CHFI in December 2015 and would be moving to British Columbia to be closer to her family. After that, Darren and his co-host Maureen Holloway led the show for six years.

What media does Macarthur use?