Who is Toshiko Kishida?

Who is Toshiko Kishida?

Kishida Toshiko (1863–1901) Writer and political activist for women’s rights, who is known as Japan’s first woman orator.

Who is Toshiko Nakajima?

Toshiko Kishida (岸田 俊子, Kishida Toshiko, 14 January 1863 – 25 May 1901), afterwards Toshiko Nakajima (中島 俊子, Nakajima Toshiko), was one of the first Japanese feminists. She wrote under the name Shōen (湘煙) .

Why is Kishida shōen important?

Kishida, who later went by her writing pseudonym Shōen, took part in the public world of political activism, writing, and social commentary. She is distinguished as a popular female figure in literature and activism, pushing against male privileges in education, literary and press circles.

What are the three boxes that Kishida introduced in her speech?

In her speech, Kishida introduced the three “boxes” present in Japanese families. These boxes are not actual boxes but mental and emotional limitations. The boxes represented how Japanese daughters were locked into certain requirements. The first box is one in which parents hid their daughters physically.