Who is VCJ?

Who is VCJ?

Vernon Courtlandt Johnson, or VCJ, is one of today’s most influential artists working in a commercial medium. His iconic designs for Powell Peralta have inspired thousands of other artists worldwide, and he routinely gets namechecked by street-art superstars like D*Face and Shepard Fairey.

Who is the artist for Powell Peralta?

Vernon Courtlandt Johnson
Vernon Courtlandt Johnson, the designer behind Powell-Peralta’s iconic Ripper graphic, rejoins company.

Who does Andy Anderson skate for?

Andy Anderson – Powell-Peralta® Team – Powell-Peralta®

Is Powell a good skateboard brand?

It’s not like Powell-Peralta is the only company that offers durable skateboard decks. In fact, there are many others. It just happens that they have been on top of the market for decades, a great reputation, and make great products.

Who are Andy Andersons sponsors?

Career. Anderson is sponsored by Bones, Mini Logo, and as of early 2019 Powell Peralta skateboard companies. Anderson’s first pro video part with Powell Peralta was released December 25, 2020, and on July 1st 2021 was the most-viewed video on the Powell Peralta YouTube channel of all-time.

Where is Andy Anderson?

Andy Anderson, a free flowing skateboarder with an open mind, was born April 13, 1996 and resides in White Rock, BC Canada.

Are Powell-Peralta decks worth it?

The Powell Peralta flight deck is lighter than anything I skated before, has great long-lasting pop, and feels really playful. Stiff, poppy, lightweight, and longer-lasting as long as you don’t use your tail to brake. Once it starts to wear, the fiberglass can cause your skin to itch.

Is Powell Peralta flight worth it?

After skating the deck for approximately 30 hours, I can definitely recommend the Powell-Peralta Flight Deck. Although, it is more expensive than the regular 7-ply decks, I really think it is more durable and lasts longer than any other skateboard deck.