Who owns West Bend Mutual Insurance?

Who owns West Bend Mutual Insurance?

A Message From President & CEO Kevin Steiner.

How long has West Bend insurance been around?

Since 1894, West Bend Mutual Insurance has come to stand for excellence through the use of innovative insurance products, steady growth, and financial stability offering property/casualty insurance for homes, autos, businesses and personal property.

What states is West Bend insurance in?

West Bend employs more than 1,400 associates and is represented by approximately 1,200 independent insurance agencies throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina.

How many employees does West Bend Mutual have?

Company info

Last Year Rank 25
Founded 1,894
HQ Location West Bend, Wis.
U.S. Employees 1,373
Worldwide Revenue 1,267,409,388

What is West Bend Insurance Rating?

Since 1971, West Bend has been rated A (Excellent) or better by A.M. Best Company, recognized worldwide as the benchmark for assessing insurers’ financial strength. West Bend’s Financial Strength Rating of “A” (Excellent) and Issuer Credit Rating of “a+” were affirmed in 2019 by A.M. Best Company.

Is West Bend Mutual a good place to work?

92% of employees at West Bend Mutual Ins. Co. say it is a great place to work compared to 59% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company.

How big is West Bend Mutual?

West Bend Mutual Insurance Fast Facts West Bend Mutual Insurance’s annual revenues are over $500 million (see exact revenue data) and has over 1,000 employees. It is classified as operating in the Insurance Carriers industry.

What is West Bend Wisconsin known for?

In 1961 West Bend annexed the village of Barton, contiguous to the north. West Bend, Wisconsin. West Bend is known for the production of small kitchen appliances and cookware. Insurance and the manufacture of agricultural equipment and plastic graphics are also important to the city’s economy.

What county is West Bend Wisconsin?

Washington CountyWest Bend / County

West Bend is 30 minutes north of Milwaukee in Washington County—situated along the Milwaukee River in the heart of the Kettle Moraine.

How to report a claim to West Bend insurance?

E-mail: Report a claim via email at [email protected] Please include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • City,State,Zip
  • Phone numbers (work,home,cell) with best time to call
  • Policy Number
  • Date of Loss
  • Description of Loss
  • What is West Bend insurance?

    What to Know about West Bend. West Bend Mutual Insurance Company was established in 1894, giving the carrier a century and a quarter’s worth of experience in the insurance industry. The carrier offers several coverage options for individuals and businesses including auto insurance, homeowners insurance, identity theft insurance, and more. The insurance company is headquartered in West Bend, WI.

    What is West Bend mutual?

    West Bend, WI 53095. 262-334-5571. West Bend Mutual Insurance Company offers personal, commercial, and specialty lines of property and casualty insurance products. It currently writes policies in states such as Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, Missouri and Ohio. In terms of commercial products, it provides property, liability, workers’ compensation, as well as auto insurance for businesses.

    What states does West Bend Mutual Insurance write in?

    Who makes West Bend?

    All products are made by Regal Ware, Inc. in West Bend, Wisconsin, USA. We are a proud member of the Direct Selling Association and the Cookware Manufacturers Association.

    Does West Bend company still exist?

    Founded as West Bend Aluminum Company in West Bend, Wisconsin in 1911, the company is one of the country’s best-known small appliance brands. With headquarters still in West Bend, WI, it is now a privately held company managed by Focus Products Group, LLC.

    Where is West Bend manufactured?

    The Small Kitchen Appliance Division is now known as West Bend Housewares. Regal Ware retained the West Bend Cookware Division and product lines of the West Bend Company; and continues to manufacture the cookware products in West Bend and Kewaskum, Wisconsin, under the brand names Lifetime and Royal Queen.