Who played in Golden Years?

Who played in Golden Years?

David Bowie
The song was rarely played throughout Bowie’s 1976 Isolar tour but regularly in 1983’s Serious Moonlight, 1990’s Sound+Vision and 2000’s Mini tours….Golden Years (David Bowie song)

“Golden Years”
Songwriter(s) David Bowie
Producer(s) David Bowie Harry Maslin
David Bowie singles chronology
“Fame” (1975) “Golden Years” (1975) “TVC 15” (1976)

Who played guitar on Bowie’s fame?

Carlos Alomar
Carlos Alomar, the guitarist known as David Bowie’s right-hand man, talks about how his friendship with the iconic rock star changed his life forever.

Who played lead guitar on station?

The only memory Bowie has of making the album is of ordering lead guitarist Earl Slick to play and repeat a Chuck Berry riff over the opening bars of this track. “I have only flashes of making it,” a saner Bowie said much later. “I have serious problems about that year or two.

Who played guitar on David Bowie heroes?

Fripp was available only one weekend. So he came to Berlin, brought his guitar, no amplifier. He recorded his guitar in the studio. We had to play the track very very loud because he was relying on the feedback from the studio monitors.

Who did Bowie write Golden Years for?

Bowie wrote this with the intention of giving it to Elvis Presley, but he reportedly refused the song. Elvis died two years later. Bowie made an appearance on Soul Train singing (actually, lip synching) “Golden Years” and “Fame” on November 4, 1975.

Why do they call it the Golden Years?

A golden age is a period in a field of endeavor when great tasks were accomplished. The term originated from early Greek and Roman poets, who used it to refer to a time when mankind lived in a better time and was pure (see Golden Age).

Did John Lennon sing with David Bowie?

Though many might not know it, David Bowie and John Lennon were very close friends; “close as family” as Yoko Ono once put it. They collaborated on a few occasions, most notably on Bowie’s Fame, of which Lennon wrote the unforgettable titular lyric (though he sang it “aim”).

Who played guitar on stations album?

Earl Slick
Earl Slick, David Bowie’s guitarist, on resurrecting Station To Station.

Who played with the Thin White Duke?

The Thin White Duke was the persona and character of the British musician David Bowie during 1975 and 1976….

The Thin White Duke
First appearance 1975
Last appearance 1976
Created by David Bowie
Portrayed by David Bowie

Who played guitar on Scary Monsters?

Robert Fripp
Robert Fripp – guitar. George Murray – bass guitar. Dennis Davis – drums. Tony Visconti – acoustic guitar on “Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)”

Who played guitar on fashion?

King Crimson virtuoso Robert Fripp played guitar on this track. Fripp also played lead guitar on Bowie’s 1977 song, “Heroes.” Bowie had previously used that famous “beep beep” hook in a little-known song that he wrote in 1970 called “Rupert the Riley.”