Who was prematurely declared the winner of the 1948 election?

Who was prematurely declared the winner of the 1948 election?

Truman, as it turned out, won the electoral vote with a 303–189–39 majority over Dewey and Dixiecrat candidate Strom Thurmond, though swings of less than one percent of the popular vote in Ohio, Illinois, and California would have produced a Dewey victory; the same swing in any two of these states would have forced a …

Which party won the 1948 election?

1948 United States presidential election

Nominee Harry S. Truman Thomas E. Dewey
Party Democratic Republican
Home state Missouri New York
Running mate Alben W. Barkley Earl Warren
Electoral vote 303 189

What was the Fagan report?

The Native Laws Commission, commonly known as the Fagan Commission, was appointed by the South African Government in 1946 to investigate changes to the system of segregation. It has been described as “[a]rguably the most liberal official document produced in the segregation era”.

What was the K1C2 approach?

Standing for ‘Korea, Communism, and Corruption’, K1C2 represented Eisenhower’s key attacks on the Democrats throughout the election: the stalemate in the Korean War, the growing fear of Communism, and the allegations of corruption within the Truman administration. …

What was the result of the 1948 election?

The 1948 United States presidential election was the 41st quadrennial presidential election. It was held on Tuesday, November 2, 1948. In one of the greatest election upsets in American history, incumbent President Harry S. Truman, the Democratic nominee, defeated Republican Governor Thomas E. Dewey.

How did Harry Truman become president in 1948?

Truman had ascended to the presidency in April 1945 after the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Defeating attempts to drop him from the ticket, Truman won the presidential nomination at the 1948 Democratic National Convention.

Who was the surprise candidate in the 1948 election?

The “surprise” candidate of 1948 was Stassen, a liberal from Minnesota. In 1938, Stassen had been elected governor of Minnesota at the age of 31; he resigned as governor in 1943 to serve in the wartime Navy. In 1945 he served on the committee that created the United Nations.

Did John Dewey win the 1948 election?

So convinced was the Chicago Tribune of Dewey’s victory that it went to press on its early edition for November 4, 1948 with the headline “Dewey defeats Truman” — a blunder that led to Truman’s famous retort “Ain’t the way I heard it.” The picture of Truman holding aloft a copy of the Tribune has become part of our national folklore.