Who won Daytona Supercross 2017?

Who won Daytona Supercross 2017?

Eli Tomac
450SX Main Event Results

Rider Time
1 Eli Tomac Cortez, CO Kawasaki KX450F 1:11.671
2 Jeremy Martin Millville, MN Honda CRF450R 1:11.736
3 Jason Anderson Edgewood, NM Husqvarna FC 450 1:12.413
4 Ryan Dungey Belle Plaine, MN KTM 450 SX-F 1:13.620

Who won Daytona Supercross 2020 250?

Garrett Marchbanks
250SX East Main Event Results

Rider Interval
1 Garrett Marchbanks Coalville, UT Kawasaki KX250 14 Laps
2 Chase Sexton La Moille, IL Honda CRF250R +02.019
3 Jeremy Martin Millville, MN Honda CRF250R +11.051
4 R.J. Hampshire Hudson, FL Husqvarna FC 250 +15.567

Who Won Daytona 250 Supercross?

Eli Tomac dominates 51st Daytona Supercross, ties Ricky Carmichael with fifth Daytona win. DAYTONA BEACH — Eli Tomac took Daytona’s dirt course and made it his own personal playground once again on Saturday in front of an estimated 12,000 fans at Daytona International Speedway.

Who won Daytona Supercross 2016?

Eli Tomac Wins 51st Annual DAYTONA Supercross to Tie Ricky Carmichael. With clear skies over Daytona International Speedway Saturday night, Eli Tomac, reigning series champion, took home the win at the 51st Annual DAYTONA Supercross.

Who won the 2020 Supercross?

Supercross Champions

Year 450SX 250SX East
2020 Eli Tomac Chase Sexton
2019 Cooper Webb Chase Sexton
2018 Jason Anderson Zach Osborne
2017 Ryan Dungey Zach Osborne

Who won Supercross 2021?

Cooper Webb
Cooper Webb capped off the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross season with his eighth win of the season in Round 17 at Salt Lake City, Utah and his second championship in the past three years.

Who won the 250 Supercross 2021?

Justin Cooper
In the 250 West series, Justin Cooper only needed to finish 17th or better to win his championship. Cooper settled into ninth early in the race. He found a safe place to ride and dropped more than 25 seconds behind the leader. Cooper maintained his ninth-place result and claimed the 250 West title.

Who has the most Supercross wins at Daytona?

Ricky Carmichael
The Supercross course was designed by Ricky Carmichael, who holds the all-time record of five Daytona Supercross victories. His last triumph was in 2006. Tomac is now tied at four victories with Jeff Stanton and Ryan Villopoto. Stanton scored his consecutively from 1989-92.

Who won Supercross in 2021?

Who won 250 class?

250 Class Points Standings

Rider Rider
1 Jett LawrenceLandsborough, Queensland, Australia Jett Lawrence
2 Justin CooperCold Spring Harbor, NY Justin Cooper
3 Hunter LawrenceLandsborough, Queensland, Australia Hunter Lawrence
4 R.J. HampshireHudson, FL R.J. Hampshire