Who won state drill in Utah?

Who won state drill in Utah?

Viewmont High School’s drill team captured its first state championship in school history with a dominant performance at the 5A state championships at UVU on Saturday. Viewmont finished first in all three categories (military, show, dance) capping a dream season for the Vykelles.

Who won 6A drill Utah?

Bingham Minerettes
Share All sharing options for: High school drill team: Bingham Minerettes 3-peat as 6A state champions. Bingham showed off Saturday afternoon at UVU why it’s again the premier drill team program in the state.

How many girls are on drill team?

Across the U.S. about 75,000 high school girls participate in dance drill. Texas, California, and Utah lead the nation, but Texas outdistances the rest with 15,000 high school and 1,000 college high-kickers. They’re in the business of promoting their schools.

Is drill a sport?

Drill is NOT considered a co- educational sport. Coaches should bookmark the Drill page at www.uhsaa.org for the latest info. 5. Adhere to UHSAA Contest Limitations Drill teams may only compete in a TOTAL of four (4) competitions prior to the state competition (this includes a region competition).

What is drill team dance?

A drill team is a group of dancers who perform dance routines in unison. Drill teams, also called dance squads, usually belong to high schools or colleges and perform at games and other school-related events. Some drill teams compete against other teams at competitions.

Is drill team the same as color guard?

The CCHS JROTC Drill Team is a marching unit that performs routines based on military drill. The competitive Color Guard is an extracurricular Army JROTC team responsible for presenting the flag in a variety of settings. …

What college has the best drill team?

Hip Hop Division I Finals

Rank Team Name Raw Score
1 Georgia Tech Goldrush 64.3
2 University of North Texas 63.16
3 Boston University Dance Team 62.98
4 Xavier University 62.34

What is a drill down competition?

drill down (plural drill downs) (of marching bands) an internal competition used to practice marching commands, in which the last person caught improperly executing a command wins. We knew someone had lost when the last two people in the drill down ended up facing each other.