Who won Wbff bikini 2019?

Who won Wbff bikini 2019?

Business women and world champion 2019 has been a super success congratulations to Rachel Dillon.

What is this WBFF bikini Diva competition suit made of?

This WBFF Bikini Diva competition suit features an intricate and beautiful pattern of colored crystal elements and rhinestones on a purple fabric. Suitable for WBFF ‘Diva Bikini Model’ and ‘Diva Fitness Model’… A new season… a new style!

What colour is the WBFF competition bikini?

This light blue WBFF competition bikini features blue, light pink and clear crystal rhinestones, pearls and bikini connectors. Suitable for WBFF ‘Diva Bikini Model’ and ‘Diva Fitness Model’ competitions. Also ideal… Diva couture at its finest!

Are your Diva bikinis suitable for competition?

All our diva bikinis are suitable for WBFF ‘Diva Bikini Model’ and ‘Diva Fitness Model’ competitions, as well as other Federations that allow more elaborate theme wear bikinis or couture competition suits.

What is the WBFF exclusive beauty team?

By following WBFF international protocol, WBFF Australia have launched our EXCLUSIVE Beauty Team by bringing Australia’s most highly sought after Hair & Makeup artists together! The incredible team will create any desirable look & finishing touches to bring your ultimate package to the WBFF stage & to meet the WBFF judging criteria.