Why buy a supermoto?

Why buy a supermoto?

Great on the track, better on the street, supermotos are fantastic urban commuters because of their height and ability to soak up rough road conditions. At Cycle World, we ride, test, and review all the latest supermotos so that you can find the best supermoto for you and your lifestyle.

Are supermoto bikes still popular?

After the cancellation of the Superbikers television program, the demand for supermotos fell off, except in Europe. Still considered a niche in the United States—gaining popularity at events like Daytona Bike Week and Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, where they hold supermoto races—there has been an upturn in sentiment toward this style of bike.

Which Zero motorcycle should I buy?

If you want to go electric, Zero’s FXS Supermoto is a great pick with hot-swappable batteries. If you don’t like any of the factory options, you can always buy a dirt bike or dual sport and convert it to a supermoto.

Can you lose your license on a supermoto?

You’d end up with a good way to lose your license, aka a supermoto. Supermotos combine the best aspects of a dirt bike or dual sport motorcycle —tall saddle, high ground clearance, and handlebar—with bits found on modern sportbikes. This results in a bike that can go from a double jump to asphalt esses without hesitation.