Why does my printer say stack copies?

Why does my printer say stack copies?

2. Stack/Sort (a/k/a Collate) – This MFC is set to “Stack” copies, meaning if you are making two copies of a 2-page document, it will print in this order: page 1, page 1, page 2, page 2. Multiply this out for longer documents/more copies, and you can see how inefficient and frustrating this could be.

What is stack and sort in Brother printer?

SORT Rotate/Sort – the machine assembles copies as sets in sequential order. STACK – groups together copies of each page in a multi-page original. Use Stack when setting multiple pages in the document feeder and requiring the same copy number count per page to be stacked.

What does stack sleep mean on Brother printer?

Setting the Sleep Time reduces power consumption by turning off the fuser inside the Brother machine when the machine is idle. If you try to print or copy in Sleep Mode, there will be a short delay while the fuser warms up to working temperature.

How do I get my Brother printer out of deep sleep mode?

Use the keys on the dial pad enter the number of minutes the machine is idle before it enters Sleep Mode. You can enter 00 to 99….To turn Sleep Mode off, follow these steps:

  1. Press the START and OPTIONS keys simultaneously. The LCD will read “Sleep Mode: On.”
  2. Press the UP OR DOWN ARROW key to choose Off.
  3. Go to STEP 3.

How do I sort copies?

Press the “Sort,” “Sort/Group” or similarly-worded button on your copier’s front control panel to turn on the feature. Load the document you want to copy into your copier’s automatic document feeder and press “Start” or “Go” to start the copying/sorting process.

Why won’t my Brother printer wake up from sleep mode?

Steps to Wake Brother Printer from Sleep Mode The first thing that needs to do is, press the “OK” button from the control panel. See if the “Menu” of the printer display. After locating the Sleep Time menu click the “OK” option. Promptly, press the “down” arrow and “Cancel” options together.

What kind of copier is the brother dcp-7065dn?

An invalid variant combination has been selected. Compact Laser Multi-Function Copier with for Small Offices The Brother™ DCP-7065DN is an affordable laser multi-function copier that is great for making quick copies or printing text-based documents.

Is the dcp-7055w the same as the 7060d?

Control panel overview1 DCP-7055 / DCP-7055W / DCP-7057 / DCP-7057W have the same keys and DCP-7060D / DCP-7065DN / DCP-7070DW have the same keys. 1 COPY keys: Options

How to copy on both sides of the paper on dcp-7060d?

Duplex (For DCP-7060D / DCP-7065DN / DCP-7070DW) You can choose Duplex to copy on both sides of the paper. 2 PRINT key: Job Cancel

What is the print out time for the dcp-7060d/dcp-7065dn/dcc-7070dw?

First Print Out Time(For DCP-7055 / DCP-7055W / DCP-7057 / DCP-7057W) Less than 10.0 seconds (from the READY mode and standard tray) (For DCP-7060D / DCP-7065DN / DCP-7070DW) Less than 8.5 seconds (from the READY mode and standard tray) 106 InterfacesD 1Your machine has a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface.